Add-on/retrofit doffer

Ring spinning doffing

Doffing on ring spinning machine

The demands made on a ring spinning mill are constantly increasing. The machines are in operation around the clock in order to reach highest productivity. In many spinning mills, the automatic doffer is already standard equipment. In order to improve performance and modernize the customer's spinning, Rieter has developed an add-on and retrofit doffer.

Cop running times are very short, particularly with coarse yarns. So every interruption becomes significant. Automatic doffing shortens down times, which in turn clearly raises machine efficiency.




The Rieter doffer is designed for maximum operational dependability. All wearing parts can be replaced quickly and easily and need minimum maintenance. ROBOdoff, SERVOdisc and ROBOload are reliable components of the new generation machines G 30 and G 33, and are now also available for your older machines.

Automatic doffing - a step towards efficient production:

  • Add-on and retrofit for G 5 ring spinning machines
  • Automatic doffer ROBOdoff
  • Conveyor system SERVOdisc
  • Tube-loader ROBOload




Manual doffing is very time consuming, furthermore it is very essential that the operators are ready when it comes to doffing. An automatic doffer is able to doff the machine right after spinning and therefore reduce the non productive time to a minimum.
Time- and money-wasting checking stops are a thing of the past. The operators can be relieved of boring routine jobs on the doffer - and have time for more important tasks.

The automatic doffer works quickly, reliably and precisely. No cops are dropped, damaged or dirtied. Gentle cop handling means cops do not get mixed up, and there is less wear and tear on tubes.




ROBOdoff - for fast, reliable cops doffing:

The ROBOdoff is a fully automated cop doffing device. Doffing from start to finish takes less than 3 minutes. The gripper removes the cops carefully and places the tubes precisely on the spindles. The pneumatically inflatable membrane completely encloses the tube, thus virtually excluding any possibility of damage to the yarn and preventing the layers from slipping. The doffer bearings are fastened to the existing frames. The amount of force expended by the doffer is reduced by a third, thanks to the vertical relieving springs. The grippers are maintenance and wear free. The entire doffing process is pneumatically operated and self-monitored. Each gripper is a sensor. The grippers can be individually removed and replaced. If there is a malfunction, the gripper concerned disengages itself and doffing stops. No-one is injured and there is no damage to the machine. The threads are cut reliably and precisely on doffing. There are no loose trailing threads. The low number of thread breaks - less than 1.5 % at start-up.

SERVOdisc - maintenance-free cop and tube transport system:

The full cops are taken to the ROBOload and the empty tubes to the ring-spinning frame. The peg trays fastened to a conveyor belt carry the cop discs to a guide profile. Gentle transport prevents any damage to the cops and there are fewer rejects. The open profile of the guide rail is maintenance-free. The individual components of the SERVOdisc are extremely resistant to wear and tear.

ROBOload - automated and yet flexible:

The ROBOload is a Rieter system for removing cops and loading tubes. It can take 40 cops per minute from the SERVOdisc. The empty tubes don’t have to be placed in the magazine on the ring spinning machines with their tips pointing in the right direction. The tube magazine takes approx. 120 tubes. Manual tube sorting is unnecessary, as the empty tubes are turned the right way and placed carefully on the cop discs.

Suction Tube ECOrized

Sustainable money saving in ring spinning.


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