Upgrades Rotor Spinning

Are you using the retrofitting opportunities for older rotor spinning machines offered by Rieter? Numerous innovative developments used in Rieter's latest machine generation are also interesting for machines of previous generations.

Rieter compiles his most recent knowledge in useful retrofitting packages. This allows you to benefit from Rieters most advanced developments even years after purchasing a Rieter rotor spinning machine.

Depending on the age of the machine and your investment drive, Rieter offers you a variety of possibilities. Rieter will be happy to draw up an individual and sensible upgrade suggestion for your machines. Using Rieter know-how, you will be able to make the most effective use of your rotor spinning machines for a long time to come.

The packages are designed to give you important production advantages:

  • Improved quality with the aim of improving yarn quality
  • Higher rotor spinning machine productivity
  • Improved operating behaviour of the machine combined with increased efficiency
  • Simplified handling for faster and safer operation of your rotor spinning machine
  • Improved operational safety for trouble-free production processes

Key products rotor spinning fully automated

Machine Type Anti Patterning Control M305 EVO Multivalve EVO Rotor Cleaning AIRtransfer Positioning System LGPS Friction lining with clip
  Frequency / motor-driven anti patterning New Piecing cylinder motor New Multivalve for robot Improved rotor cleaning Laser Guided Positioning System Reduced machine downtime
   more  more  more  more  more  more
R 40        
R 20  
RU 14A        
RU 14        
RU 04          
RU 11          

Key products rotor spinning semi automated

Rotor body AMIspin Optical break sensor V11 Guide Qtop CEII Box Electronic system
  with lubrication bushing Precision piecing Breaks easily recognized Optimized flow of opened fibres Electronic control of piecing process Upgrade to SN75 Renovation of BDA machines
   more  more  more  more  more  more  more
BD 200 RN,SN            
BDA 10            
BDA 10 N            
BDA 10 NK            
BDA 10 NZ            
BDA 10 NZK            
BDA 10 Z            
BDA 20
BDA 20
BT 902        
BT 903          
BT 905            

Suction Tube ECOrized

Sustainable money saving in ring spinning.


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