Upgrade Electronic system

Electronic module

Electronic module

The size of the newly designed electronic board has been reduced. Furthermore state of the art sensors have been implemented into the new electronic system.


New type of sensors

New type of sensors

The renovation is suitable for BDA 10 and BDA 20 machines.


Electric installation after upgrade

Electric installation after upgrade

Reading and setting of appropriate parameters is essential for producing high quality yarn.

By replacing existing 5 board control panel electronics with our Rieter control panel, your O.E. machine will run while monitoring on time - rotor and combing roller revolutions.

The following data can be read on new Rieter control panel:
  • Production data measured (twist, draw of velocity, draft, feeding velocity, rotor rpm, opening roller revolutions)
  • Production adjustment (sliver count)
  • Checking of oil pressure

Apart of new main control panel and relevant electronics, all speed sensors in the drive frame unit will be given new and rewired.


New electronic board

New electronic board

  • Only one multifunction control panel with LCD display and touch screen
  • Simply and easy to handle
  • Clear data display
  • Cost effective replacement

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Suction Tube ECOrized

Sustainable money saving in ring spinning.


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