Rieter AIRtransfer

Rieter AIRtransfer at a R1

Rieter AIRtransfer on a R 1 rotor spinning machine

Rieter AIRtransfer is the improved rotor cleaning on the rotor spinning machine. Now, the rotor cleaning is not only triggered by the robot, but it is also directly executed by the robot. The robot positions itself in front of the spinning position, where the rotor cleaning needs to take place. Once in position, the compressed air unit moves forward and docks itself onto the facing plug of the rotor cleaner of the particular spinning position. A control module, which is integrated into the robot, regulates and performs the rotor cleaning on the spinning position. The compressed air supply for the rotor cleaning is now provided by the robot and not as it used to, by the pneumatic unit on the foot end and by the valves at the spinboxes.


Rieter AIRtransfer is suitable for rotor spinning machines R1 and RU 14/RU 14A.


Rotor cleaner plug

Rotor cleaner plug

Loss of compressed air may be the result of porous/defective air hoses leading to the individual spinning positions or defective valves in the spinning boxes. Loss of compressed air no longer occurs, since the complete compressed air supply for rotor cleaning in the machine from the pneumatic unit at the foot end is no longer required. The compressed air for rotor cleaning is now supplied directly by the robot.

With the original rotor cleaning system, the supply of compressed air to the spinning positions deteriorated as the distance from the foot end (air input) increased, due to a loss in compressed air and to a drop in pressure. The supply of compressed air is now constant and maximum, since the compressed air is directly delivered by the compressed air unit and also caused by the function “AIRpulse” (timed blasts of air).

Compressed air is switched on and off alternately by the “AIRsave” function. Cleaning is most effective at the beginning and end of the cleaning cycle when the rotor is rotating. During the interim period, the compressed air can be turned off and a large quantity of compressed air can be saved.


Compressed air unit

Compressed air unit

  • Complete elimination of compressed air losses
  • Minimum consumption of compressed air due to the “AIRsave” function
  • Constant air pressure during rotor cleaning at all spinning positions
  • Undiminished maximum pressure through “AIRpulse” interval cleaning
  • Improved cleaning on the fine face plate due to the “PREclean” function

Suction Tube ECOrized

Sustainable money saving in ring spinning.


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