Take-off roll

Beaters of Take-off roller

Beaters of Take-off roller

Rieter has a large range of take-off rollers, coarse-tooth rollers, coarse pin rollers, fine pin rollers and saw-tooth rollers in stock. You will find the ideal combination of opening and cleaning rollers for any material and any desired degree of cleaning. Rieter also offers the option of using its attractive exchange and repair service for opening rollers.




Every blowroom machine puts additional strain on the fibres; consequently cleaning must be matched exactly to the raw material. In every cleaning process there is an interdependence of waste quantity, fibre damage and loss of sound fibre. Improved cleaning performance cannot be achieved by more beaters but by increased intensity of the beaters. While higher roller speeds do result in more intensive cleaning, they also result in greater strain on the fibres.

Waste and its composition can be optimally matched to the requirement of your spinning operations. You choose whether you want light or dark-coloured waste.


Pin roller

Pin roller

The pin roller is used as the first or only opening position. With microfibres a second opening position is required in principle. However, a bypass should be provided if the equipment will also be used for coarser fibres.

At every further cleaning stage, there is an increased degree of opening the cotton, therefore the point density of the roller becomes increasingly finer (i.e. in the case of saw-tooth rollers, the population of the clothing increases). Rollers with a cutting angle of 10° are used for cotton; for man-made fibres and mixtures of cotton and man-made fibres, rollers with a cutting angle of 0° are used.


  • Intensive opening in small tufts
  • Consistent opening and better cleaning
  • No damages of fibres and less neps
  • Conservation of fibre strength and elasticity
  • Ideal adaptation to the manufacturing material

Suction Tube ECOrized

Sustainable money saving in ring spinning.


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