Technology Parts Card

The demands on the quality of the card sliver have increased continuously. The ring spinner wants to have as few neps as possible in the card sliver while preserving natural fibre properties such as length of fibre, strength and elasticity.

Fibre preservation, i.e. minimum shortening of the staple is of particular importance. In addition, rotor spinning requires a very pure sliver and a low dust content because otherwise deposits build up in the rotor groove.

But when purchasing yarns, customers not only demand the best possible yarn values but also constant yarn values. Any temporarily inferior yarn quality would seriously affect your customer’s confidence in you. You are therefore well advised to pay particular attention to the quality of the technological parts that you use - to ensure the quality in your spinning mill is right.

Key products

Machine Type TREX System
  Improves fine cleaning
C 10
C 4/A
C 4/1
C 50
C 51
C 60

Suction Tube ECOrized

Sustainable money saving in ring spinning.


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