TREX System

TREX System

TREX System

The TREX System (TREX = Trash Extraction) improves fine cleaning by using additional extraction points in the operating area of the cylinder. With great reliability it removes trash, dust and short fibres. Combinations of carding and guide elements, which can take a wide variety of clothing rods, as well as the special arrangement of integrated mote knives, optimise the carding process to fit customers requirements.


For cards of the type C 4, C 50 and C 51, TREX elements can be installed in the pre- and post-carding zone. In the pre-carding zone the tufts are opened properly. In this way the card clothings are protected and treated gently. Fibre parcels which the licker-in conveys to the cylinder are broken up in this zone. Any trash particles still present can then be eliminated more efficiently by the flats. In the post-carding zone, the alignment of the fibres is improved by „final combing“ or fine carding. This is also the zone where the highly bound microdust is dispersed and removed.


In contrast to the usual mote knives used with the cylinder, the TREX uses a special guide element. This significantly improves the selection of trash and dust elimination. Waste composition is up to 15% trash, seed-coat fragments, fibre fragments and dust. The advantage fo TREX is clearly evident in the type of fibres removed: 75% of them are short fibres. A reduction of up to 6% of short fibres can be achieved in the card sliver.


  • Up to 6% less short fibres in the card sliver
  • Up to 15% less imperfections in the yarn
  • A reduction of up to 20 thread breakages per 1 000 spindles

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