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Developments show that over the next few years the demand for quality will continue to increase. By acquiring your Rieter comber you have laid the foundation for top quality. In future you are well advised not to compromise between quality and profitability.

Therefore benefit from Rieter's lead in experience to ensure that your comber process remains first rate, well into the future. Take advantage of the first-class technology of the high-performance technology parts of Rieter:

  • Reduce your costs as a result of optimal raw material use.
  • Produce outstanding yarn qualities by optimising processing with your comber.
  • Benefit from the highest production speeds while constantly maintaining top quality.
  • Enjoy a trouble-free production process thanks to the high performance and excellent wear resistance of your comber elements.

Key products

Machine Type Circular Comb Top Comb Pressure cylinder High Speed Nipper
  Larger combing area Outstanding self-cleaning effect Specially designed cots Higher comber productivity
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E 60
E 61
E 62
E 65
E 66
E 7/4
E 7/5
E 7/5 A
E 7/6
E 7/7
E 70 R
E 72
E 75
E 76

Suction Tube ECOrized

Sustainable money saving in ring spinning.


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