High Speed Nipper

High speed nipper

High speed nipper

For the latest generation of combers the Rieter high speed nipper is standard equipment.

During every combing cycle the nipper accelerates extremely quickly, partly as a result of the reduced nipper weight. The short ratch (distance between feed rolls and detaching rolls) enables up to 3 % saving on raw materials. The excellent nipping force allows a lap laydown of up to 80 ktex. The optimised nipper geometry ensures that the fibres are firmly controlled right up to the edges.


An increase in production resulting from a conversion to the Rieter high performance nipper can only be attained with the new generation of combing preparation machines.

On the other hand raw material saving achieved by converting to the Rieter high performance nipper is not dependent on the specification of combing preparation machines installed.


  • Revised nipper geometry for better fibre guidance
  • Higher nipper closing force
  • Enhanced fibre retention due to the modified fleece guide
  • Better separation of short and long fibres i.e. better fibre selection


  • Higher comber productivity
  • Short payback
  • Enhanced yarn quality (fewer neps, thick places) at the same comber noils %

Suction Tube ECOrized

Sustainable money saving in ring spinning.


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