Pressure Cylinder

Clip-on pressure bar

Clip-on pressure bar

Outstanding quality, long life, optimal technical properties and good value for money are arguments in favour of using Rieter pressure cylinder cots. With very little maintenance and grinding only at infrequent intervals, Rieter cots will last for years helping to produce clean, even comber sliver, regardless of the kind of cotton processed in the combing section.

The cots are available in two categories: electrolytic and antistatic. Electrolytic cots are extremely impervious to climatic variations. Antistatic cots, with their highly conductive surface, counteract lap formation tendencies where static builds up. Different machines also require different cot designs. Accordingly, Rieter can offer rubber cots both glued and vulcanized onto light metal sleeves.


Top roll cots for drafting system cylinders

Cot Type Colour °Shore hardness
J 490 electrolytic grey 83
ME 666 antistatic yellow 65
HA 65 A antistatic red 68

Cots for detaching rolls

Cot Type Colour °Shore hardness
NO 763 antistatic blue 65


Detaching pressure cylinder:

Even at high nipping rates the top detaching rolls must guarantee perfect piecing of the web. The detaching rolls perform a steady back and forth movement matching the nipping rate. After the operation of the circular combs is finished, they feed back part of the previously formed web. The nippers lay the newly-combed fibre fringe onto the portion of the web that has been drawn back by the detaching rolls. During piecing, the individual strips of web must be laid on top of one another by the detaching rolls so that a continuous sliver is formed.

Drafting system pressure cylinder:

In the drafting system of the comber, the individual slivers of the comber heads are condensed to a single sliver and drawn to the sliver count required. The structure of the roller cots is a highly significant factor, determining the running behaviour of the fibrous material and accounting for a high machine output with even sliver.


The implication is obvious: in order to meet all possible requirements, the cots of the top rolls must be optimally suited to their intended purpose and thoroughly tested. This is why the Rieter parts sales staff is able to recommend a tried and tested cot specially designed for the detaching roll of your comber: pressure cylinder cot NO 763.

High ageing stability, good abrasion resistance, rapid recovery and minimum tendency to lap formation are properties that are absolutely essential for optimal drafting. With Rieter rollers cots you can be sure that the fibrous material will run well, and that the evenness of the sliver will remain consistently high.

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