Technology Parts Draw Frame

Apart from a draw frame using advanced technology and a levelling system which points the way ahead, the optimum sliver formation and homogenous sliver compaction is an important prerequisite for excellent running behaviour in the subsequent production stages. With the original web guiding elements and top rollers from Rieter, draw frames are ideally equipped. These wear resistant parts offer perfect sliding properties and are specially adapted to Rieter's modern high quality standards.

Key products

Machine Type Scanning Top Roller Web Guiding Coiler
  Long term count stability Cots for each fibre material Wear resistant material New coiler CLEANcoil
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RSB-D 40
RSB-D 40c
RSB-D 22
RSB-D 35 CUBIcan  
RSB-D 35
RSB-D 35c
RSB-D 30 CUBIcan  
RSB-D 30
RSB-D 30c
RSB 951
RSB 851
RSB 51
SB-D 40
SB-D 15
SB-D 11
SB-D 10
SB 20
SB 2
SB 951
SB 851
SB 52
SB 51

Suction Tube ECOrized

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