Coiler plate CLEANcoil

CLEANcoil - Sliver coiling without deposits of finishing agent

CLEANcoil - Sliver coiling without deposits of finishing agent

CLEANcoil solves the problem of deposits of finishing agent at synthetic fibers on the underside of the coiler by a patented honeycomb structure.

Deposits of finishing agent on the underside of the coiler are a familiar phenomenon in some cases when man-made fibres and blends are being processed. These results in displaced layers of sliver or the need for frequent cleaning interval. CLEANcoil solves the problem with a patented honeycomb structure on the underside of the coiler, which is being used for the first time in the textile industry.


The new coiler CLEANcoil is in all conventional sizes for Rieter draw frames available - special designs are possible.


Patented honeycomb structure

Patented honeycomb structure

When polyester is being processed, the cleaning cycle can be extended from 2-3 hours to 1-7 days, depending on the type and quantity of finishing agent. The new CLEANcoil coiler guarantees satisfactory can filling, neat sliver coiling and trouble-free sliver running in downstream processing, also for critical man-made fibres.

The sliver tube located in the coiler is virtually helical, and is therefore adapted to the natural sliver movement. The helical coiler tube minimizes friction on the sliver. The draw frame sliver is therefore no longer deformed after sliver formation and incorrect drafts are prevented.

Fibre peelings causing deposits in the coiler tube and coiling cans are significantly reduced by optimized sliver guidance. In addition, and depending on the material used, high draw frame delivery speeds can be achieved without loss of quality.

The honeycomb structure guarantees:

  • Neat sliver coiling
  • Longer cleaning cycles
  • Higher potential can capacity
  • Trouble-free sliver running in downstream processing
  • Prevention of incorrect drafts for critical man-made fibres and their blends


CLEANcoil with helical sliver tube

CLEANcoil with helical sliver tube

  • New, innovative coiler with patented honeycomb structure
  • Prevents deposits of finishing agent from man-made fibres
  • Extended cleaning intervals and therefore longer operating time
  • Higher can capacity due to neat sliver coiling
  • Constant and structured sliver coiling for trouble-free running in downstream processing
  • High delivery speeds

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