Top Roller

Pressfit top rollers

Pressfit top rollers

Pressfit cots: Inseparable adhesion and perfect fit due to vulcanisation of the cot onto a light metal tube.

The following Pressfit assemblies are available:

  • The complete Pressfit top roller
    with bearing and scraper rod
  • The Pressfit top roller with cot
  • The Pressfit top roller for re-clothing

The hydraulic pulling/pressing tool is also available from Rieter.


The selection of top rollers depends on the material processed. For blends, the following applies: select the top roller type according to the material with the highest portion of the blends, and the best running performance.

The top rollers are available for all Rieter draw frames.

Colour Raw material Hardness Advantages
Gray CO carded, CV, PAN 83 Shore Pressure and wear resistant, easy to buff
Black CO combed 75 Shore Lowest tendency to lapping
Green PES 80 Shore Antistatic characteristics
Brown Regenerat 67 Shore Antistatic characteristics
Peach CO, CO/PES 72 Shore Especially with Air-Jet-Spinning


Pressfit cot with helical groove

Pressfit cot with helical groove

It is simple to press the Pressfit cot onto the top roller body - adhesive material is no longer required and drying periods of several hours are a thing of the past.

The re-clothing process is completed in a few minutes using a hydraulic pulling/pressing tool. The aluminium tube sits firmly on the top roller body and prevents the cot from moving.

After pressing the cot onto the roller and applying a finishing grind, the top roller is ready for use immediately.


  • Short re-clothing process
  • Cots for each fibre material
  • Pressure and wear resistant
  • Lowest tendency to lapping
  • Antistatic
  • Best reliability of the parts
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Designed for maximum delivery speeds and high sliver weights
  • Quick and trouble-free installation of the parts

Suction Tube ECOrized

Sustainable money saving in ring spinning.


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