Web Guiding

Web guiding elements made from an extremely wear resistant material

Web guiding elements made from an extremely wear resistant material

Web guiding nozzle and sliver tube have a decisive impact on the sliver building process, and are therefore very important for an optimal further processing. Due to the high material throughput in Rieter's high performance draw frames good sliding properties and high form stability is required. Rieter's special web guiding elements fulfil these important requirements.

The web guiding nozzle forms the sliver by rolling the web towards the sliver centre. The sliver is compacted and producing fibres are pushed in. The web guiding tube guides the sliver firmly between the web guiding nozzle and the sliver trumpet.


Rieter is the supplier for ideally suitable web guiding elements. For every Rieter draw frame Rieter has the suitable web guiding elements.


Web guiding nozzles and sliver funnel

Web guiding nozzles and sliver funnel

The web guiding nozzle is equipped with a wear reducing insert for sliver formation. In order to change the sliver volume the inserts only need to be changed.

The insert are available in all usual diameter sizes. With the help of a detailed installation guide the customers themselves may perform the installation in only a few hours.


  • All parts are made from wear resistant material, showing best results even in the processing of critical raw material.
  • The sliver adhesion for processing at the speed frame is improved. The extremely well compacted sliver prevents wrong drafts at the speed frame entry area. This is an important factor, especially for the combing quality.
  • With the new changing system for the web guiding nozzle, a rapid change to a different diameter presents no problem - the insert may simply be replaced.

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