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Parts are decisive for the overall spinning result. Many times it is just a small detail that keeps the entire from functioning. Reason to have a closer look at these elements and their influence. A ring spinning machine consists of a variety of parts. By purchasing Rieter parts, optimal interaction can be guaranteed.

Key products

Machine Type Rieter Core Yarns Bottom Cylinders Guide Arm Ri-Q-Bridge
  For the highest standards New surface finish Better yarn evenness Improvement in quality
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G 0/1      
G 0/2      
G 10    
G 152      
G 30  
G 33  
G 33 - K 44  
G 331  
G 35  
G 352  
G 4      
G 5/1
G 5/11  
G 5/113
G 5/2
K 40  
K 43  
K 44  
K 441  
K 45  
K 452  

Suction Tube ECOrized

Sustainable money saving in ring spinning.


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