Bottom Cylinders

Bottom cylinders

Bottom cylinders

The bottom cylinders form the counterpart to the top cylinders of the guide arm. The optimal groove position and a special surface finish ensure smooth running and good fibre control. The formation of fibre lap is largely restricted. The special cylinder-coupling technique guarantees optimal concentric running.


Generally the cylinders of the different rows have different fluting. In the feeding and delivering rows a slanted fluting assures smooth running and better clamping. In the middle row the „take-up“ of the cage-apron, a fish-skin fluting, is used for an optimal grip of the apron.


The bottom cylinders complement the guide arms. Special vibrating parts ensure that the cylinders run smoothly and make sure that the yarn is gripped better in the draft zone. A special surface finish avoids fibre fly and reduces the buildup of fibre laps to a large extent.


New procedures bring additional advantages. The new surface finish further strengthens the good fibre clamping. Especially for finer yarn this leads to improved yarn strength. Another plus is the avoidance of fly accumulation; and the formation of fibre laps is considerably reduced. A special cylinder-coupling technique guarantees optimal concentricity.

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