Guide Arm

Guide arm

Guide arm

The P3-1 guide arm is an essential mechanical element for improved yarn quality. The optimised geometry of the apron path and the excellent yet gentle fibre control in the main draft enhance the uniformity of the yarn. Drafts of up to 80 are feasible on the drafting system. The pressure of the drafting system pressure can be altered by simply touching a button.


Whether 100 % cotton, blends of cotton and man-made fibres or 100 % man-made fibres, with the well-established P3-1 guide arm, a large selection of raw materials can be processed.

The stress on the fibres during the drafting procedure should be kept as low as possible with a gentle guiding.


The overhang of the delivery pressure cylinder for the P3-1 guide arm was optimized as well as the geometry of the apron guide. This allowed for a decrease in the unguided distance of the short fibres in the main draft zone. Swimming fibres which mostly occur in the short staple area are now better guided. Additionally, an optimal pressure distribution provides for more exact fibre clamping.


Better yarn evenness and fewer thin and thick places speak for themselves - and for the Rieter guide arm. Of course, the effects are best visible in the short staple area; in the processing of 100 % man-made fibres, the differences are less noticeable due to the even staple-cut. With the P3-1 guide arm, Rieter has stepped beyond the usual drafting limits. High drafts of up to 60-fold can be actualized in the yarn quality without any great loss. The drafting area of the ring spinning machine can thereby be considerably expanded. A wider selection of yarn counts can be covered by the same roving count. Time-consuming conversions and adaptions to the roving frame have become a thing of the past. The customer can not only save on time, staff and costs in ring spinning, but also in preparatory machines.

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Sustainable money saving in ring spinning.


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