Rieter Core Yarns



Fashion calls for comfort. Elastic core yarns have been used for many years primarily in lingerie and foundation garments, swimwear and hosiery, as well as sportswear.

The outstanding quality characteristics of Rieter core yarns enable them to be used in many items of ladies and men's outerwear as well as in leisurewear, thus following current fashion trends. In addition to the improvement in wear properties and wearing comfort, better shape retention and resistance to creasing and bagginess are especially worth mentioning.


Rieter COM4 Core with ISM

Rieter Com4® Core with ISM

The technology

The new Rieter core yarn system considerably expands the range of products in which elastic yarns are used. This development guarantees the manufacturing of fine, elastic yarns in the accustomed Rieter quality on conventional ring spinning - and ComforSpin machines.

Manufacturing ring-spun core yarn

The desired elasticity can be adjusted with infinite variation via the draft at the feed rollers. Special guide elements ensure gentle guidance, feeding and integration of the filament.

Our core yarn system enables you to work with a roving traverse mechanism, resulting in a more uniform wear of the drafting system top rollers. This means longer intervals between grinding, which leads to increased machine running times.


Com4® Core Yarn

Com4® Core Yarn


The Rieter core yarn system can be used on Rieter Ring Spinning and ComforSpin machines. This offers the opportunity to follow current fashion trends and entering the market of core yarns in the accustomed Rieter quality.


The additional roving guide in the break draft zone guarantees faultless, precise integration of the filament on the ring spinning machine. On the ComforSpin machine precise guidance of the roving is ensured by the compacting zone. The fibre package is combined with the filament immediately before the nip roll.

Guidance of the filament over the feed roller can be adjusted exactly by means of a centering screw.

Process control

The roving stop mechanism ensures immediate interruption of roving feed in the event of a filament break. This prevents the production of yarn without filament. Lapping on the top delivery rollers or the delivery cylinder is also prevented. Selective display facilitates for rapid, efficient fault detection.


  • Equipped for the future with the latest technology
  • Rieter core yarns - for the highest standards
  • Core yarn in the accustomed Rieter quality
  • Roving stop motion - immediate interruption of roving feed in the event of filament break
  • Com4® core yarn - precise integration of the filament in the compacting zone
  • Filament feed - monitored and precisely adjustable

Suction Tube ECOrized

Sustainable money saving in ring spinning.


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