Draw-off Nozzles (fully automated)

New nano series of draw-off nozzles

New nano series of draw-off nozzles

Draw-off nozzles are crucial for yarn characteristics. Depending on the required handle of the yarn - hairy or smooth - and the downstream processes in knitting or weaving, a wide variety of parameters must be taken into account in order to achieve optimum results. Continuous development has resulted in a wide range of nozzles for all spheres of application.

As the latest development Rieter are now introducing the nano series of draw-off nozzles. The novel surface structures of these nozzles enable higher rotor speeds and thus productivity increases can be achieved.

Technical data and recommendations

Excerpt of table draw-off nozzles

Excerpt of table draw-off nozzles

The design of the draw-off nozzle has a substantial influence both on spinning stability and on the yarn characteristics. It determinates the twist level in the rotor and thus the spinning conditions in the rotor groove.

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