Opening rollers (fully automated)

DN-coating for opening rollers

DN-coating for opening rollers

Rotor spinning is based on the complete opening-up of the fed sliver before the yarn is produced in the rotor. A gentle handling of the fibres plus a highly efficient trash extraction when spinning natural fibres is crucial.

Technical data and recommendations

Excerpt of table opening rollers

Excerpt of table opening rollers

The multi-component Rieter opening rollers offer gentle fibre handling, low number of ends-down, perfect opening and efficient cleaning of the feed sliver.

The Rieter replacement system ensures a rapid exchange of worn out opening rollers. The wire-covered-roll is mounted with three screws to the base-part with the durable precision bearing.

 Download table opening rollers (English/PDF/64 KB)

The following assemblies are available:

  • Complete opening roller with bearing
  • The opening roller body for first-time press-fitting
  • The wire-covered-roll as replacement part

Your advantage: you can re-use the base-part with bearing and replace only the worn out part as required.

Suction Tube ECOrized

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