Rotors (fully automated)

New RD-coating for rotors

New RD-coating for rotors

Rieter as an original equipment supplier is able to supply rotors for every machine generation that are ideally adapted to the performance parameters of the machine. For the customer this means a wide range of rotors at his disposal.

The latest development of rotors called neXT Generation was introduced with the R 40. The well-conceived design of these steel rotors permits speeds of up to 150 000 rpm, depending on diameter. At the same time air friction has been minimized by the new rotor cup shape - thus reducing energy consumption.

Technical data and recommendations

Excerpt of table rotors

Excerpt of table rotors

Rieter manufactures a large number of rotors for different applications in various rotor sizes, groove shapes and materials in high quality:

  • Aluminium rotors - ideal for large rotor diameters by virtue of their low weight
  • SE rotors - this Rieter patented rotor has a favorable price/performance ratio and is ideal for the use on RU 04 and RU 14
  • Steel rotors - the high-performance rotors for production speeds over 100 000 rpm and available with a wide variety of coatings and surface treatments

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Specification of the coating options for rotors:

  • V - tempered steel
  • B - boronized steel
  • D - diamond finish
  • DN - diamond finish with subsequent nickel plating (previous designation DM/DM2)
  • DD - diamond finish with double coating thickness
  • BD - boronized + diamond-finished steel
  • RD - Rieter diamond coating: This novel coating is offered exclusively by Rieter. The systematic application of the multiple diamond coating results in different surface structures in the rotor wall and the rotor groove. This is not only ideal for the spinning process, the intelligent design of the diamond coating also results in the same service life as with BD coating.

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