Supporting Discs (fully automated)

Supporting disc D70

Supporting disc D70

Only Rieter supporting discs are balanced exclusively for the customer. Because only with balanced supporting discs the customer can be sure that the optimum running properties are also guaranteed at the highest rotor speeds.

Extensive measurements have shown an 80% lower residual unbalance as compared with other manufactures.

The material characteristics reduce heating-up still more efficient and cut down the energy consumption of the rotor drive. In addition, the running characteristics are - through the lower flexing work - distinctly improved with this for Rieter developed coating - and this under all operating conditions.

Technical data and requirements

Supporting discs D78 -  R 40

Supporting discs D78 - R 40

The integral cleaning effect of the patented groove minimises in addition the deposits on the rotor shaft. As a result the supporting discs grip even at highest speeds.

The carefully thought-out shape of the Rieter supporting discs allows the error-free fitting on the bearings, because only optimum straight- and circular running properties ensure the quiet running of the rotors.


  • Perfect concentricity due to balancing and high precision manufacturing
  • The wear resistant covering ensures the long service life


Suitable for machine type Designation
R 40 Supporting disc D78 N + D78 M balanced
R 20, R1, RU 04/14, RU 11 Supporting disc D70 balanced
RU 04/14, RU 11, Rotor speeds up to 65 000 rpm Supporting disc D70 unbalanced
RU 11, SSI bearing Supporting disc D63 unbalanced

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