Technology Kits (fully automated)

Rieter offers a wide range of technology kits for different applications:
  • Terrycloth kit
  • Cotton knitting yarn kit
  • Denim kit
  • Viscose/Rayon kit
  • Cotton weaving yarn kit
  • Man-made fibre (PES) kit
  • Cotton/PES blend kit

In following two technology kits will be shown in detail as examples.

Cotton weaving yarn (100 % Cotton) - R 40

Technology Kit cotton weaving for R 40

Technology Kit cotton weaving for R 40

Decisive for the quality of 100 % cotton weaving yarns are the following criteria:

  • The highest possible yarn strength (necessary for the today’s common production speeds in the beaming department and in the weaving operation itself) will be reached by using the rotor with the T groove.
Technology Kit for Chinos

Technology Kit for Chinos

  • The very best CVm% and very low IPI’s (quality of the fabric, optic of the fabric), as well as a low hairiness (necessary for the high unwinding speeds) will be realized with the KS nozzle.
  • If a very high fabric coverage is needed the KS-NX nozzle is the recommended one.
Technology Kits for every fabric

Technology Kits for every fabric

  • The opening roller B 174 guarantees a perfect and gentle opening of the sliver (together with a high level trash removal). Using the uncoated opening rollers will give the very best yarn results, but for spinning yarns < Ne 10 it is recommended to use a diamond coated opening roller due to the much higher lifetime.
  • Normally the green TWISTstop will be used, but spinning fine yarns > Ne 30 the white TWISTstop is recommended.

Outerwear (100% PES) - R 20

Technology Kit Polyester for R 20

Technology Kit Polyester for R 20

Normally the yarn count for these applications is Ne 12 - Ne 30. Using the PES yarns for Outerwear, the evenness of the yarn is the most critical aspect. Each thick place and nep is a fabric defect and is not accepted. That’s why the following technology elements will be used:

Technology Kit for Outerwear

Technology Kit for Outerwear

Rotors with the S groove are predestinated to produce a yarn with a very good CVm% and a very low IPI level. The boronized surface is responsible for a low dust level and low rotor loading with fibre finish and polymer deposits of the groove. The opening roller OS 21 DN (coating is a must, due to the aggressive PES fibres) guarantees a pleasant and more or less dust free opening of the sliver (using an adequate opening roller speed).

Alternatively it is possible to use the new OS 21 XR opening roller to reduce the dust level further.

Technology Kits for every fabric

Technology Kits for every fabric

K6KF nozzles with the small trumpet radius reduce the friction and guarantee an excellent yarn quality on a high productivity level, no fibre damage due to an overheated nozzle surface.

The twist multiplier should not be higher than alpha e 3.96. A higher twist results in a lower yarn strength (important for producing yarn for technical textiles).

Suction Tube ECOrized

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