Optimal yarn quality at maximum productivity

Complete fibre and spinning mill preparation machines for your tests from bales to yarn

All 4 end spinning processes are available for your tests

The investment in a new mill or the further development of textile products increase the raw material yield. Textile technological trials in a customer's own mill almost always result in production losses. Rieter has the solution and carries out the customer's «experiments» externally in a Rieter Spin Centre. In the Spin Centres, Rieter provides intensive support for its customers to find solutions for future or current practice. Rieter tests the customers' material and advises them on the selection of raw material and optimal utilisation. In this way, customers achieve maximum productivity with the appropriate yarn quality and this without any production losses in their own facility. If desired, customers can attend the trials and experience them live.

When developing a customised test with their own materials, Rieter customers can rely completely on the utra-modern machines. Rieter experts support customers with experience and know-how.  Tests help in the decision process relating to a new Rieter machine. All test results are comprehensively and clearly documented in reports. This means the perfect «textile recipe» from the fibre to the yarn is later comprehensible and reproducible in the mill at any time. If desired, the yarn can be processed to the final fabric stage with an industrial partner.

The Rieter Spin Centres offer:

  • The customer's raw materials as the working basis for easily implementable approaches in the company.
  • Considerable simplification of the purchase decision by means of preliminary tests.
  • Process optimisation from raw material to yarn without production losses in the spinning mill.
  • Reproducible test spin-outs in the targeted quality and production speed.
  • Reliable results thanks to defined test environment and the most modern Rieter equipment.
  • Detailed documentation and explanation of the test results by Rieter experts.
  • Permanent display of Rieter machines.


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