ITMA 2019 in Barcelona - Highlights of the Weekend

At booth C 209 in hall 6 Rieter showcased a wide range of innovations where customers could find out how to bring the latest innovations into their mills. Day three and four of the world’s leading trade fair focused on components, cooperation and Com4.

The next secret was vented: Suessen introduced the new mechanical compacting device COMPACTeasy for the basic compacting needs, the New EliTe®Compact Spinning System and, the concept for the future – the COMPACTapron. All compacting devices can be installed on all ring spinning machines.

SSM unveiled a brand new development for the production of fine counts (up to 660 dtex): SSM DP5-FT offering the high machine efficiency of double density executions along with the flexibility of individual drives. After that, SSM unveiled fantastic possibilities for creating fancy effects with air-textured yarn. SSM provided a wide range of devices for producing fancy yarns with specific effects, such as fancyflex to fashion unique fabrics.

Rieter After Sales introduced new Energy Saving Support Discs for its rotor spinning machines. Customers can save up to 10% of their average energy consumption.

But ITMA 2019 is not just a platform for professional discussions and focused work. It is also a place to celebrate. Suessen and Kaltex, biggest South American compact spinner, celebrated their cooperation at ITMA 2019. Considering an annual volume of 126 million kg of yarn, almost 50% of the Kaltex ring yarn production was upgraded with Suessen’s EliTe®Compact system. What a success story. But not the only one: Rieter has over 50 000 draw frame heads of experience. Therefore, Rieter handed over the plate for the delivery of the 50 000th RSB/SB-D head to the Sapphire Group. With this last delivery, this customer owns a total of 238 draw frames heads.

Change of scene: License handover at the Com4 booth. Rieter awarded the Com4 compact license to Embee Plumbon Textiles for its top-quality compact yarns and the Com4 ring license to Oguz, Bossa and Palmiye for ring yarns of the highest quality. Huong Sen received the license for the production of consistent high quality ring and compact yarn. With Com4 licensees are given the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and to profit from a variety of Rieter marketing activities.

The weekend at ITMA 2019 is over. Only three days remain for discussing with the Rieter experts at booth C 201 in hall 6.