Produce Innovative Yarn Economically

A Rieter spinning mill with the air-jet spinning machines J 26 produces unique cotton yarns extremely economically.

Efficient air-jet spinning system for 100% combed cotton

There is increasing demand for air-jet yarns in the textile chain. These enable very high-quality products to be produced. Rieter introduces the process with which air-jet yarns of the highest quality can be made economically from 100% cotton.

Yarns that are made of combed cotton and have been spun on a Rieter air-jet spinning system impress with their pleasant soft touch, even surface, impressive resistance to pilling and washing, shape retention, and intense colors. The spinning mill line with the productive UNIclean B 15, the innovative card C 80, the new comber E 90 and the optimized air-jet spinning machine J 26 guarantees maximum fiber utilization, low energy consumption, reduced space requirements and high productivity – and therefore the cost-effective production of these yarns. Explore.