04/26/2017 - 20 years Com4® yarns – a success story

In 1997, Rieter created the trademark Com4®. It stands for yarns in superior and consistent quality, spun with the four Rieter spinning technologies. Today, more than 130 licensees supply Com4® yarns to weavers and knitters worldwide.

The four Com4® yarns: their names, their structure

The faces of Com4®

20 years ago, Rieter celebrated the market launch of its compact spinning technology. The yarn produced on these machines has very high strength and low hairiness. This is something that weavers and knitters greatly value. Fabrics made from this compact yarn impress by their clear structure and delicate sheen. For this special yarn, Rieter created the trademark Com4®.


Com4®: one brand – four excellent yarns

Rieter is the only supplier of all four spinning technologies: ring, compact, rotor and air-jet. All produce yarn with superior and consistent quality. For this reason, several years ago Rieter extended the brand Com4®: today it unites all four yarns.

Rieter supports licensees

Customers with Rieter spinning machines can apply for a Com4® license. Rieter supports the licensees with various marketing activities, for instance the company promotes the licensees' yarns at leading trade fairs in Paris, Shanghai and Mumbai. Also in numerous articles in the trade press, Com4® takes the center stage. Every year, training courses are held worldwide: Rieter employees explain to yarn traders the influence exerted by the yarns on downstream processing and the end product, using many practical examples as illustration.

Com4® – an especially reliable yarn

Weavers and knitters have high demands and they make no compromises. They want yarns with consistent quality – yarns that can also be faultlessly processed, because the end products must always have the same high standard: the Com4® yarns from Rieter fulfill all these requirements.

This is what Com4® has achieved in the market:

Com4 Testimonials
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The four Com4 Yarns
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The faces of Com4
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Com4® in brief

The Com4® yarns are yarns which satisfy the highest demands and guarantee competitiveness in a dynamic market. Thanks to mature technologies, yarn production in Rieter ring, compact, rotor and air-jet spinning processes demonstrates a high level of efficiency and achieves excellent yarn quality. Rieter customers thus profit from optimized production costs and good selling outlets. The advantages of the Com4® yarns are also visible in downstream processing and in the end product, for example in long service lives, low fiber fly, higher color absorption, excellent pilling values, reduced drall and high wearing comfort of the end products. The family of the Com4 yarns consists of Com4®ring, Com4®compact, Com4®rotor and Com4®jet.

About Rieter

Rieter is the world's leading supplier of systems for short-staple fibre spinning. Based in Winterthur (Switzerland), the company develops and manufactures machinery, systems and components used to convert natural and manmade fibres and their blends into yarns. Rieter is the only supplier worldwide to cover spinning preparation processes as well as all four end spinning technologies currently established on the market. With 15 manufacturing locations in nine countries, the company employs a global workforce of some 5 020, about 20% of whom are based in Switzerland. Rieter is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange under ticker symbol RIEN. www.rieter.com


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