12/22/2006 - 5 new Products to delight our Customers - A good start in the New Year

For the ranges Blow Room, Carding and Ring Spinning Rieter Parts offer you on a broad front innovations for your existing machinery park.

Quality, productivity, security and economy are affected extremely positively. Infer from the following short descriptions the most important advantages:      

The optimized switch-off sensor UNIfloc A 11

guarantees an obviously better and more precise sensitivity. This results in considerably less false switch-offs and hence a smoother operation of the UNIfloc and consequently a higher productivity. The following significant advantages have been achieved:    

  • Production increase
  • Immediate switch-off when an object intrudes into the area monitored
  • Short reaction time for setting off an alarm (approx. 220 ms)    

The SCU-Control Unit for the UNIfloc A 1/2

replaces the obsolete TI control which will soon no longer be available for delivery. The proven Rieter Control Unit has clear advantages:    

  • Simple operation thanks to guidance menu
  • Groups of bales can be programmed individually
  • Improved operating reliability and improved actuation of the safety flaps on the take-off unit    

The modern Card Waste Measurement UNIcollect

simplifies considerably the determination of the card waste. The separation positions of the card are joined together with the UNIcollect using hoses. The suction vacuum is generated using a ventilator, which must be adjusted to the vacuum conditions of the card using the adjustment options available. The waste is carried to the corresponding waste trunks, filled into plastic bags, weighed and evaluated with respect to the corresponding waste trunks. These are the advantages:    

  • Optimizing the amount of card waste or its composition
  • Better raw material utilization
  • The machine settings can be adjusted to the raw material
  • Optimally cleaned carded sliver and trouble-free running behavior    

The Separate Licker-in Waste Disposal

re-evaluates the card waste. Thus the flat waste can be removed separately from the licker-in waste and either sold off as recyclable waste or spun into rotor yarn in your own spinning mill. The advantages are obvious:

  • Rapidly amortization of the investment costs because of higher sale or the recycling of valuable waste -
  • Separation of card waste    

The Lengthening of the Ring Spinning and ComforSpin® Machines

results in an economic productivity increase with low investment costs. A section lengthens the ring spinning or ComforSpin® machine only by approx. 1.7 m. This lengthening is possible up to a maximum of 1200 spindles. With this possibility, the space utilization can be optimized in the spinning mill and thus the productivity capacity can be significantly increased with the infrastructure. The advantages at a glance:

  • Productivity increase with modest investment
  • Space utilization can be optimized
  • The result is an economic production

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