05/27/2009 - All 4 end spinning systems from one source at ITM 2009

For the third time the ITM will be held in Istanbul, Turkey. From June 6 -10, 2009 it will open its doors in the Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center. On booth A 309 in hall 3 Erbel and Rieter have the pleasure to present all 4 end spinning systems from one source. For the first time the J 10 air-jet spinning system and ComforJet® yarn will be presented to the public.

Exhibition details

For ITM 2009 the organizers expect 1 500 exhibitors and 80 000 visitors. The previous ITM 2006 hosted 1 200 exhibitors and 65 000 visitors. This time the ITM will be held in the Tüyap exhibition area, which was enlarged recently with 3 additional halls. The infrastructure of the exhibition area has been renewed to perfectly meet the requirements of visitors and exhibitors. Everybody hopes that the ITM 2009 will give a positive impulse to the textile market, which will lead to investments in textile machinery.

Four end spinning systems for our customers

For the first time in history Rieter offers all 4 end spinning machines from one source: ring spinning, compact spinning, rotor spinning and the new air-jet spinning technology.
The principle of the 4 end spinning machines will be exhibited in the form of models, screen shows, yarns and end products. Our specialists on the booth will explain in detail the difference between the 4 spinning technologies and the resulting yarn quality.

Rieter provides advice, which spinning system is the most suitable for the individual customer requirements. To compare the economic aspects of all 4 spinning systems, customers benefit from spin plan and pay back calculations for the whole spinning mill.
The optimization of the fiber and sliver preparation process has a big impact on the machine performance and yarn quality. This aspect was again clearly visible during the market introduction of the new J 10 air-jet spinning machine.
Because Rieter is the only supplier offering machines for the complete spinning mill, we are able to analyze and optimize the spinning process over all process steps. This unique technology know-how from one source is available for all 4 spinning systems. As a result you can trust recommendations given by Rieter.

New J 10 air-jet spinning machine

The newly developed J 10 air-jet spinning machine presents an innovative technology that is also based on Rieter’s leading and proven know-how in the area of drafting and automation. J 10´s modular and double-sided machine concept provides for the top level of production flexibility. The unique quality features of the ComforJet® yarn manifest benefits for spinners, for down-stream processing and for final end-users. High speed features in yarn delivery and winding put this machine at the top of the productivity rate scale.
Leading features are:

  • The J 10 comprehensive high-speed concept with individually driven winding system allows delivery speeds of up to 450 m/min.
  • The unique sliver traversing system reduces wear of rubber rollers and consequently maintenance and spare parts costs.
  • The J 10 machine is fully automated with robots performing piecing at the start-up of the machine, piecing after a break or a quality cut and doffing of full packages.


New ComforJet® yarn

The unique features of the ComforJet® yarn make it different from the other spinning technologies. The ComforJet® yarn, formed by the flow of compressed air, shows very low hairiness with short fiber ends and small loops. This results in high wash and pilling resistance. The specific ComforJet® yarn structure creates a high ability to absorb liquids.
The yarn softness and voluminosity lead to visibly higher fabric density and fabric evenness. Thanks to ComforJet® piecing technology the piecing is unrecognizable in the fabric, which adds to the fabric’s value. The consumer benefits from ComforJet® fabrics. The yarn and fabric structure has an extremely soft touch. ComforJet® fabrics have a long lifetime due to high wash and pilling resistance.

G 35 ring spinning machine

Rieter creates new momentum for ring spinning technology on the world market through continuous innovation. Very long machines up to 1 632 spindles combined with efficient 4-spindle drive ensure very low energy consumption. Rieter’s patented SERVOgrip device is the convincing, mill-proven solution for smooth doffing with minimal fiber fly. G 35 ring spinning machines produce high quality ring yarns. With the optional device VARIOspin II you can produce fancy yarn on G 35. Either elastic or rigid core ring yarn can be spun with the optional core yarn device.

K 45 compact spinning machine

The K 45 ComforSpin machine is a further milestone in compact spinning technology. The functions of the mill-proven K 44 predecessor model have been increased by further optimizations and innovations. The lead over competitors has been extended by additional spinning technology features and a powerful, high-quality machine. The K 45 ComforSpin machine is modular in design and is available with up to 1 632 spindles. Longer machines enable the fixed proportion of production costs per kilogram of yarn to be reduced and thus economic efficiency to be improved substantially. Individual Spindle Monitoring (ISM) leads to higher output and quality. ISM is available in a basic version or with expanded analysis options on the SPIDERweb mill monitoring system. Easy, rapid replacement of the suction units ensures prompt adjustment of production to the yarn properties required by the market. The ComforSpin machine produces a wide variety of fashionable yarns, such as  Com4®core, Com4®vario, Com4®twin and Com4®light.

R 40 or BT 923 rotor spinning machine

Rieter rotor spinning features high productivity combined with superior flexibility in terms of raw material and yarn structure. The fully automated rotor spinning machine with 500 spin boxes offers state-of-the-art technology for manufacturing  ComfoRo® quality yarns with minimum energy consumption. The R 40 is available with 2, 3 or 4 robots. The new Rieter Yarn Clearer (RYC) - an optical yarn clearer - incorporates all important clearer channels. A particularly strong point of the RYC is its rapid response to yarn defects caused by deviations in sliver count. The semi-automated machine BT 923 is specifically designed for economical production with manual assistance and combines high standards of yarn quality with very efficient machine operability. The BT 923, now available with up to 400 rotors per machine, produces rotor yarns in the yarn count range from Ne 2 to Ne 40. The semi-automatic piecing with AMIspin® leads to superb piecing quality. Supplementary equipment such as Qtop® for superior fiber preparation, AUTOvac for vacuum monitoring and the Rieter IQplus® yarn clearer and the fancy yarn device complete this attractive product.

Other product highlights from Rieter

C 60 high-performance card - The concept for outstanding performance

With its unique geometry in the carding zone, the C 60 high-performance card provides one of the main building blocks for achieving financial success. With a working width of 1 500 mm, output by the C 60 card is up to 50% higher than on conventional models – and is combined with superior sliver quality. The ratio of output to energy and space requirements is revolutionized by the C 60. It is available with coiler (CBA), integrated drawframe without leveling (SB module) and in the autoleveling version (RSB module) for use in the OE direct process.

E 66 / E 76 Comber - The leader in combing

74 kg/h on the new, fully automated E 76 comber or 72 kg/h on the E 66 comber – these are the effective production figures of the new combers. The increase in output has been achieved by means of C•A•P•D 500 (Computer Aided Process Development). With 500 nips/min., up to 80 g/m batt weight, superior fiber selection and very good machine running behavior, the combers produce top quality with maximum economy. The ROBOlap fully automated lap changing and piecing system on the E 76 comber remains a unique feature.

RSB-D 22 double-head autoleveler draw frame - Single-head autoleveling quality on two heads

Rieter is complementing its draw frame portfolio with the RSB-D 22 double-head autoleveler draw frame featuring a maximum delivery speed of 2 x 1 100 m/min. Its completely independent machine sides and autoleveling functions are a unique feature in a double-head autoleveler draw frame. Each head therefore produces exactly the same quality and output that have become the benchmark from the RSB-D 40 single-head draw frame. Further advantages are: reduced space requirements, low energy consumption and lower capital cost.

Energy saving – more important than ever before

Specific energy consumption (kW/kg of yarn) has continued to gain in importance in recent years in relation to manufacturing costs in textile production processes. Rieter Spun Yarn Systems has always given special attention to this sensitive aspect and takes it into account both in new developments and in retrofit kits for older generations of machines.

Leadership in contamination removal

The detection principle of THE VISION SHIELD and MAGICEYE M1 complement one another in an ideal manner. This fact guarantees that any type of contamination in the blow room is detected and eliminated.
On the booth the MAGICEYE M1 principle will be shown. This principle of detecting synthetics is a breakthrough technology in the textile market. The most undesired contamination in spinning is white polypropylene. MAGICEYE M1 detects all sorts of plastics, including transparent, and white polypropylene. It also eliminates colored, white or transparent foil or fabric of natural or synthetic origin.

Original spare parts from Rieter Parts

It is important that the range of machines installed produce at the highest technical level. Regular maintenance and the systematic replacement of worn parts keep your production efficiency high. Rieter offers numerous upgrades for older generations of machines.  Original Rieter technology components, retrofits and conversions will be displayed on the booth. Our specialists will explain the latest parts’ innovations and how to implement the latest features in the spinning mill.

We look forward to welcoming our customers in Istanbul at ITM 2009 on booth A 309 in hall 3. The Erbel and Rieter sales team is pleased to show the latest Rieter innovations at first hand.


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 Brand new J 10 air-jet spinning machine producing ComforJet® yarns
 Schematic structure of ComforJet® yarn, formed by air flow
 ComforJet® fabric with soft touch and high washing resistance
 4 spinning technologies from Rieter - 4 different yarn structures
 G 35 ring spinning machine with up to 1 632 spindles
 K 45 ComforSpin machine for the production of various Com4® yarns
 R 40 rotor spinning machine with AEROpiecing for producing ComfoRo® yarns
 BT 923 semi-automatic rotor spinning machine available with up to 400 rotors

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