12/02/2011 - ComforJet® - A new yarn with convincing properties

ComforJet® is the brand name of yarn spun on the new Rieter air-jet spinning machine. In close cooperation with representatives of three process stages, the spinning machine manufacturer Rieter AG, the spinning company Hermann Bühler AG and the knitting machine manufacturer Santoni, the yarn properties and thereby the behavior in downstream processing could be optimized. End products made from ComforJet® yarn exhibit excellent wear and tear characteristics. These were convincingly demonstrated to visitors at the ITMA on the various booths.

ComforJet® the new yarn spun on the Rieter air-jet spinning machine

Atlas HS seamless knitting machine from Santoni with ComforJet® Cotton yarn from Hermann Bühler AG

Hermann Bühler AG with it’s ComforJet® Cotton yarn in hall 4

What is ComforJet®?

 ComforJet® is the brand name for the yarn spun on the Rieter air-jet spinning machine. The air-jet spun yarn exhibits a completely new yarn structure. Typical features are the very low hairiness, the smooth yarn surface and the associated soft and voluminous yarn character. How does the spinning principle work? The air-spinning machine is fed with slivers. The sliver is specifically drafted and fed to a spinning nozzle. By means of an air stream, the outer fibers are twisted around the inner yarn core.
The ComforJet® yarn brings many advantages, not only in downstream processing but also in the end product and opens up new areas of application.

Rieter yarn testing reaches into downstream processing

With new developments, the Rieter test phase does not end with the yarn but in the downstream processing. Consequently, the findings from the further yarn processing also flow into the machine development. This was also the case in the development of the air-jet spinning machine. For instance, a project was carried out with the Italian knitting machine manufacturer Santoni during which the idea arose to use the ComforJet® cotton yarn from Hermann Buehler AG on the latest Atlas circular knitting machine from Santoni at the ITMA in Barcelona.

ComforJet® yarn on 4 stands at the ITMA

At the ITMA in Barcelona on the Rieter stand in hall 1, the new J 20 air-jet spinning machine was presented to the public for the first time. Visitors followed with great interest the production of 2 different yarns on the J 20, a Viscose yarn Ne 30 (Nm 50) on one side of the machine, a cotton yarn Ne 50 (Nm 85) on the other side of the machine. In Hall 3 on the Santoni stand, such a  ComforJet® cotton yarn from Hermann Buehler AG was knitted on the Atlas circular knitting machine. The exhibition visitors could thereby be personally convinced of the advantages of the new yarn that was processed almost dust-free. In the new fiber and yarn section in Hall 4, the spinning company Hermann Buehler AG also showed ComforJet® yarns from its production range. Also Rieter was represented in Hall 4 with a second stand. As the only supplier of all 4 spinning technologies, Rieter exhibited the 4 different yarns: ring yarn,  Com4® compact yarn,  ComfoRo® rotor yarn and the ComforJet® air-jet spun yarn as well as their end products. Many interested visitors took the opportunity to discover these 4 yarns as well as their typical end applications and to compare them with each other. The new ComforJet® yarn and its benefits in downstream processing and in the end product was here the center of interest.

Hermann Buehler AG – one of the first ComforJet® spinners

Hermann Buehler AG with headquarters in Winterthur-Sennhof, Switzerland produces yarns for customers with highest requirements. With innovative products, superior quality and a perfect customer service, the company sets standards. With a constant interest in the latest technology, Hermann Buehler AG was present from the beginning in the development of the Rieter air-jet spinning machine. That is also the reason why Hermann Buehler AG incorporated one of the first Rieter J 20 air-jet spinning machines in its production. Ms Renata Franz, Business Development Manager at Hermann Buehler AG, made the following comments: „Our cotton yarn, spun on the new Rieter J 20 air-jet spinning machine, is the first air-jet spun cotton yarn on the market that can be processed without problems. The good bobbin build-up of the cylindrical bobbins allows perfect operational behaviour on the knitting machine. Due to optimal bonding of the fibers in the yarn structure, the end products from air-jet yarn possess extremely good pilling characteristics. The fiber ends cannot be freed in wear, which maintains a perfect fabric appearance even after numerous washes. After washing, a visibly lower shrinkage is apparent compared to the classic ring yarn. Furthermore, the knits are dimensionally very stable which is especially interesting in the case of seamless knits. The very even fabric appearance and for an air-jet yarn pleasantly soft touch are further typical properties of ComforJet® yarn. Experience also shows that due to the special yarn structure, savings can be made in the amount of sizing agent and color dye required.“
More about Hermann Buehler AG under:  www.buhleryarn.com

Santoni – ComforJet® cotton yarn with 45 rpm on the knitting machine

Santoni, market leader in seamless knitting machines, also felt the great interest in ComforJet® cotton yarn which was being processed on its latest Atlas HS (high speed) circular knitting machine. The yarn from Hermann Buehler, with a yarn count of Ne 50 (Nm 85), was processed trouble-free, and this at the highest speed. Gianpiero Valsecchi, Head of Sales (Large Diameter Machines) at Santoni: „In particular, the high speed of 45 rpm and the extremely low fiber fly of the ComforJet® cotton yarn, fascinated visitors to our stand. The Buehler air-jet yarn allows maximal productivity at simultaneously reduced machine cleaning expenditure. The knits are convincing thanks to minimal hairiness, an attractive sheen and very low impurities due to bonding of the fiber tufts during knitting. The ComforJet® cotton yarn from Buehler increases the benefit immensely due to the very low fiber fly.“
A further positive influence on the quality of the knits is provided by the knitting technology without sinkers patented by Santoni. This allows knits to be produced without any sinker marks and at the same time, permits a closer stitch and thereby heavier knits. The patented technology leads to higher production speeds with conventional gauges.
More about Santoni under:  www.santoni.com

Successful cooperation

The ComforJet® yarn aroused very great interest amongst the exhibition visitors. Process stages could be observed in detail, from the machine producer across the yarn producers up to the downstream processing on the knitting machines. For the 3 companies participating, Hermann Buehler AG, Santoni and Rieter, it was in every respect a success. Many valuable discussions and projects were generated.

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 ComforJet® yarn (JPG/CMYK/2.2 MB)
ComforJet® the new yarn spun on the Rieter air-jet spinning machine

 Rieter yarn booth (JPG/CMYK/5.1 MB) (right mouse click, save as)
Great interest on ComforJet® yarn on the Rieter yarn booth in hall 4

 Santoni circular knitting machine Atlas HS (JPG/CMYK/6.4 MB) (right mouse click, save as)
Atlas HS seamless knitting machine from Santoni with ComforJet® Cotton yarn from Hermann Bühler AG

 Hermann Buehler AG booth (JPG/CMYK/4.8 MB) (right mouse click, save as)
Hermann Bühler AG with it’s ComforJet® Cotton yarn in hall 4

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