12/07/2009 - Delivery of the 111th OMEGAlap

The 111th E 35 OMEGAlap left the Rieter premises in Switzerland in November 2009. This E 35 OMEGAlap combing preparation machine has been delivered to the company Dai Cuong in Vietnam. It is part of a complete plant with 2 E 35 OMEGAlap machines, 14 E 66 combers and 28 G 35 ring spinning machines each with 1632 spindles. Commissioning of this plant will start at the beginning of 2010.

The E 35 OMEGAlap produces up to 520 kg per hour

The special feature of the E 35 OMEGAlap combing preparation machine is the winding technology. Instead of the usual pressure applied by the lapping rollers, an endless belt is used for the lap production. This wrapping belt is guided around the lap tubes by deflection and tension rollers. The process of wrapping the belt around the lap takes place during the entire lap build-up. During the production cycle, the belt is controlled and regulated by a sensor developed by Rieter.

Thanks to ideal pressure and running conditions over the whole lap build-up, this technology makes constant winding speeds of 180 m/min possible in practice. The machine achieves an effective production performance of up to 520 kg/h. This enables the OMEGAlap combing preparation to supply laps for 6 E 66 or E 76 high-performance combing machines.

The E 35 OMEGAlap is the most efficient combing preparation unit on the market. Since its market launch, more than 150 E 35 OMEGAlap machines have been sold in 19 countries.

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