10/16/2007 - Improve quality and service friendliness significantly

With two new products in the carding and combing area a significant increase in quality has been achieved and moreover service friendliness has been improved appreciably.

With the Q-Packet Light on the Card C 60

with more gentle opening a significantly more efficient extraction of trash is achieved. Together with optimal parallelization of the fibres the conditions are achieved with the Q-Packet Light for outstanding card sliver quality. The following decisive advantages are realized:    

  • Extraction of seed-coat fragments and trash in the pre-carding zone -
  • This makes a more gentle and efficient carding in the main carding zone
  • The flats are thus subject to less load which allows a somewhat longer grinding interval
  • The smallest trash particles and neps are extracted with the elements in the post-carding zone
  • This results in the optimal preparation of the fibres for transfer to the doffer
  • The elements must be integrated into the pre- and post-carding zones for the best results

The clip-on pressure bar for the combers E 65 and E 75 (year of manufacture 2003 – 2005)

allows appreciably faster and simpler installation and removal of the pressure bar. Other advantages are:    

  • Short downtimes of the machine
  • Easy handling
  • Pressure bar removed and installed without tools

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