09/02/2011 - J 20 air-jet spinning machine – highest productivity with lowest space requirements

With the further development of the air-jet spinning machine, Rieter now offers up to 120 highly productive spinning units in one machine. The J 20 can be equipped with independently operating sides, i.e. on one machine, two different yarn qualities can be spun at the same time. Together with the newly developed spinning unit, the J 20 provides maximum yarn quality, productivity and flexibility.

J 20 air-jet spinning machine

The new duo spinning unit with higher spinning stability and yarn quality

The new spinning unit of the J 20 produces higher yarn strength and fewer imperfections. The improved yarn quality also results in a lower number of quality cuts and reduces natural ends down. Together with the reliable robots of the J 20, far greater production efficiency is achieved resulting in a high yarn production.

With 120 spinning units, the longest machine in the world

Due to the increased spinning stability with fewer quality cuts, it was possible to lengthen the J 20 by one section to a total of 120 highly productive spinning positions. The J 20 is therefore the longest air-spinning machine worldwide. 4 robots, two on each side, ensure maximum production efficiency. The option of separate sides makes the J 20 even more flexible, allowing two different yarn qualities to be produced simultaneously.

Revised machine construction for optimized production process

A further improvement realized with the J 20 is the optimized machine construction. The centrally-driven ventilators, the entire electric and electronic systems as well as the supply and disposal connections are integrated in the drive frame. Separate filter chambers process the waste from the spinning positions and the waste from the robots and are also separate for the left and right machine sides. The waste can therefore be individually collected, i.e. purity of material type, and further used.
The bobbin delivery on the drive frame has been lowered to a height of 1.45 meters. This enables the bobbin conveyor belt to be optimally controlled by the operator and the bobbins conveniently removed and placed on pallets.
The end section only consists of the service area for the robot at the rear and the free-standing tube feeder with an extended capacity of 350 empty tubes. The two separate tube chains, which allow different color tubes to be fed to the left and right machine sides, are a new feature of the tube feeder. This prevents tubes being mixed up when two yarn qualities are being simultaneously produced.

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 J 20 with 120 spinning units is the longest air-jet machine in the world
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 Improved spinning stability and yarn values with the new spinning unit
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