11/18/2004 - New Material, new experience ... machining aluminium housings on Burkhardt + Weber MC 120

Mechanical machining of self-hardening and therefore low-distortion aluminum alloys presents new challenges for machines, tool technology and personnel.

At the beginning of this year we were approached by one of our existing customers who was developing a new product, but was unable to perform the machining operation in-house and was looking for a system supplier! The project was structured and implemented in the following stages:    

  • evaluating competent, efficient aluminum foundries
  • procuring special tools and producing the equipment
  • casting prototype blanks
  • mechanical machining including technology tests
  • testing initial samples and handing over prototypes to the customer  

The challenges involved in machining the aluminum alloy in question concern:    

  • carbide cutting tools with the relevant tool and cutting geometry
  • achieving the required spindle speed
  • damping the inherent vibration and oscillations in the component
  • achieving dimensional stability during machining through choice of chip sequence
  • achieving shape and positional tolerances despite structural inhomogeneities  

The high spindle speed of the HV head in conjunction with positioning and reproduction accuracy of less than 0.01 mm on our Burkhardt + Weber MC 120 guarantees the successful implementation of this customer project.

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