06/20/2008 - New XR coating for opening rollers

The new innovative opening roller coating XR reduces the contamination by fiber dust (finishing agent) in the spinning box to a minimum. Opening rollers with XR coating are already available for the following Rieter rotor spinning machines: RU 11, RU 04, RU 14, R1 and R 20.

Dust deposits in the rotor cover (finishing agent)

Minimal dust generation due to XR coating

Wear tests conducted on opening rollers with DN coating have displayed very clearly the problems that occur when sensitive PES fibers are being processed.  

As soon as the nickel layer of the DN coating has been worn off to a certain degree and the relatively rough diamond coating emerges on the surface, the opening rollers can no longer be used. The rough surface causes a deterioration in running properties, the generation of more dust in the spinning process and greater damage to the fibers, which is reflected in a higher Staff value and can result in dust contamination problems in downstream processing. DN opening rollers therefore have to be replaced at a stage where the diamond coating is virtually free of wear, while only the nickel layer is worn off.  

The XR coating has been developed especially for this application. It is characterized by extremely high wear resistance due to its very high hardness and the nano-structured buildup of its layers.  

A special surface finish makes the surface roughness comparable with uncoated clothing. This very smooth, fiber-preserving surface characteristic is maintained throughout its service life due to the homogeneous layer structure. This ensures uniform spinning conditions.  

The advantages:    

  • XR coating gives excellent results when processing manmade fibers
  • XR coating reduces contamination by finishing agents in the spinning box to a minimum  

The XR coating is already available for opening rollers of the following Rieter rotor spinning machines: RU 11, RU 04, RU 14, R1 and R 20.  

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