12/14/2007 - neXT Generation draw-off nozzles - nano6 and nano8

The new draw-off nozzles nano6 and nano8 produce better yarn values with improved running properties. They are suitable for the Rieter rotor spinning machines RU 04/14, RU 11, R1 and R 20.

Specific design of the draw-off nozzle enables spinning stability and the character of the yarn, in which hairiness plays a significant role, to be influenced over a wide range. Forming notches in the nozzle funnel is known to be an extremely effective means of achieving this. Both hairiness and spinning stability are dependent on the number of notches, their size, shape and location, and the coordination of these parameters with the funnel radius and the grip of the surface (coefficient of friction relative to the yarn). Through systematic further development Rieter have succeeded in ideally coordinating these multi-dimensional degrees of freedom with the relevant application with both the nano6 and nano8 draw-off nozzle.  

Further development to the "neXT Generation" is rounded off by optimized materials and production engineering. The materials engineering methods used, and the resulting surface structure, enable wear to be reduced and fiber damage to be minimized with both draw-off nozzles, even at maximum output. Production engineering methods featuring minimal tolerances guarantee very high and reproducible quality standards.  

The advantages:    

  • Outstanding yarn quality combined with excellent spinning stability
  • Long service life due to special materials and special design of the nozzle surface
  • Higher delivery speeds and thus increased output due to minimized fiber stress in the spinning process
  • The nano6 nozzle is ideally suitable for processing 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester and Polyester/Cotton blends  

The draw-off nozzles nano6 and nano8 are available for Rieter rotor spinning machines RU 04/14, RU 11, R1 and R 20. 

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