12/14/2007 - No 1 Sales spinner Parkdale decided for Rieter R 40 Rotor spinning machines

Parkdale, one of the leading yarn producers in the world, has ordered 48 Rieter R 40 rotor spinning machines. Parkdale took the final decision after an extensive evaluation.

R 40 rotor spinning machine

The machines shall be 500 positions long, which is the longest rotor-spinning machine in the world. An important argument for Parkdale has been the machine and automation concept of the R 40 rotor spinning machine for handling up to 4 robots including AEROpiecing for yarn-like piecing. The confidence in the Rieter organization convinced Parkdale to form this new partnership.

In terms of rotor spinning positions, this is globally one of the largest single orders ever placed by a Sales Yarn Spinner. The total order calls for 24 000 R 40 spinning positions.

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