09/18/2004 - Plasma Sprays at ProTech

For more than 20 years, Rieter has been successfully selling plasma sprays. Surface coating are strategic key components to which the plasma sprays also belong.

Thanks to the proximity of Material Technology and the location of the coating unit, a high level of know-how with several of our own developments has been created. The plasma unit, with over 60'000 operating hours, has reached a critical age. Spare parts and operating safety can no longer be guaranteed. For Rieter, the finishing of surfaces is also in future a key competence. The advantage over our competitors should be kept as added value!

Part-renewal of the Plasma Spray Unit

The renewal of the surface coating unit is essentially composed of:    

  • UniCoat control cabinet for the operation and process visualization
  • Gas management center for Argon and Hydrogen
  • Exhaust air and supply air filter
  • Noise protection and anti-blend cabin    

What does the Plasma Spray Unit do?

Hard, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant coatings of ceramic, metal or metal - ceramic. The powder is put into the plasma flame. The flame reaches a temperature of up to 10'000° C and a speed up to 300 m/s. On the revolving table, parts with a dimension up to ø 600 mm and a length of 2'000 mm can be sprayed.  

New location in Building 40

The old location in the cellar of the erection building has for a long time been unsatisfactory. The working conditions as well as long transport routes from the Assembly Shop to Building 40 have prevented an optimal and efficient production. At the new location in Building 40 the working conditions and proximity to production are optimal.  


All involved emmployees have kept to the ambitious deadline plan laid down. the new plasma room can really be seen! The Construction, Technical Housekeeping and Electrical Departments and the moving team from Netech were fully in action the whole time. But also the good cooperation with Sulzer Metco contributed to the successful start of the new coating unit.

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