10/03/2012 - Rieter China’s sustainable growth arouses great interest amongst China’s online media

The new Rieter China Plant II, nominated by the Government of Changzhou for an award as one of the two industrial reference enterprises of the Changzhou National Hi-Tech District (CND) to the provincial publicity program (Jiangsu Open Economy), was visited by a group of 27 journalists from 18 national online media. This important nomination pays tribute to Rieter’s production standards.

North Gate of Rieter’s Changzhou Plant II

Media group being welcomed by the Rieter management

Media group being impressed by Swiss standards and quality “Made by Rieter” during the guided plant tour

During a one-hour visit, Mr. Carsten Liske, Senior Vice President of Spun Yarn Systems Operation and Managing Director of Rieter China, gave a short but comprehensive speech on Rieter China’s history, development, and expansion strategy. Throughout the guided tour of the plant, the media group were deeply impressed by Swiss standards and quality “Made by Rieter”, and gained further understanding of Rieter’s key principles of operational excellence. Walking through the Great Rieter Wall – a 550 m2 monument to Rieter’s 217-year history of engineering excellence – journalists were taken up to the roof of the plant building to witness the ongoing construction of the extension project’s 2nd phase, which will be completed by April 2013.

In recent years, Rieter’s heavy investment in China and Asia, its sustainable development and rapid growth on the Chinese market has drawn substantial importance to the Chinese local government and aroused great interest amongst China’s media, for which this visit has provided a good example.

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 North Gate of Rieter’s Changzhou Plant II
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 Media group being welcomed by the Rieter management
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 Guided plant tour
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