04/29/2016 - Rieter delivers C 70 Card No. 3333

The C 70 card is one of Rieter’s most successful products. On April 28, 2016, Rieter presented a crystal cube of the C 70 card No. 3333 to the Chinese customer Kashi Xinyue Textile Co. Ltd.

Rieter assembly celebration

Kashi Xinyue field celebration

Dr. Norbert Klapper (left) and Mr. Youwen Sun

Rieter launched the C 70 card in 2010. Since then, the company has successfully delivered 3 333 machines of this type, of which every fifth unit is processing man-made fibres or blends. Kashi Xinyue Textile Co. Ltd., Xinjiang received the C 70 card No. 3333. CEO of the Rieter Group, Dr. Norbert Klapper, handed the crystal cube over to Mr. Youwen Sun, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kashi Xinyue Textile Co. Ltd., during the inauguration of the new sales and services branch in Xinjiang on April 28, 2016.

A loyal Rieter customer

In order to meet market demand Kashi Xinyue extended its capacity and invested in Rieter machines. It is the second cooperation with Rieter. Mr. Youwen Sun: “We believe that Rieter is the best short staple spinning system supplier”. As all machines from Rieter have been running with high quality performance, stability and reliability, the company insisted on purchasing all machines from Rieter in their second phase project: “In the first phase project”, Mr. Youwen Sun said, “we bought C 60 cards which have been running for about three years with excellent performance in terms of quality, production and efficiency. Thanks to Rieter’s first-class equipment, Kashi Xinyue's products not only meet high market requirements very well but have also been very profitable for the company.” The C 70 card features the largest active carding area, high production, high quality and high efficiency.

Kashi Xinyue Textile Co. Ltd. was founded in 2012 and initiated production in August 2013. Located in Yuepuhu County, Kashi, the company premises cover an area of 175 900 m². It is a leading company integrating cotton cultivation in industrialised agriculture, cotton processing and cotton spinning in the region.

With a total investment of RMB 330 million, Kashi Xinyue Textile Co. Ltd. owns a cotton plantation of 1334 hectares and a ginnery with a processing capacity of 10 000 tons. The company has introduced a modern spinning plant with rotor spinning machines from Rieter. The facility has one bale opener, two cleaning blowroom lines, nine C 601 and C 70 carding machines, and six draw frames. There are also eight sets of rotor machines including four sets of R 923 with 400 spinning positions, two sets of R 35 with 400 positions, and two sets of R 60 with 540 positions, which produce high-quality Ne 7- 40 rotor spun yarn. The company sells its products mainly to Jiangsu and Guangdong.

3333 means wealth, to flourish and prosperity

Mr. Youwen Sun remarked that he is very glad to be the global customer lucky enough to take delivery of the No. 3333 C 70. “Three” is a lucky figure in Chinese traditional Taoism. 3333 means wealth, to flourish and prosperity. So he is certain that Rieter and Kashi Xinyue can take the opportunity to continuously strengthen close cooperation.


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