11/02/2007 - Rieter Fashion Project – Fashion comes to the Point

In cooperation with the Association for the Promotion of Swiss Fashion and Textile Designers (VSMT), a collection of Rieter fashions was created. The designs originate from the fashion designer Irene Schütz, winner of the Walk of Fashion 2006. The basic idea for the project is the Rieter corporate design. All fabrics for the collection were produced from the Rieter yarns COM4®, ComfoRo® and Rotona® and were obtained from customer collections. The collection was presented at a customer day.

Fashion designer Irene Schütz discussing with the presenter of the fashion show, Philipp Pertl

Garments that utilize Yarn Properties

At the beginning of 2007, the idea arose to convert Rieter yarns into garments. Targeted were items of clothing which use the special yarn properties of Rieter yarns not only in their design but also functionally.

All Rieter yarns from the various spinning techniques were used: ring yarns, COM4®, compact yarns, ComfoRo® rotor yarns and Rotona® rotor core yarns. With this project, the versatility of the Rieter system range and the know-how of spinning techniques and down-processing for the customers should be vividly demonstrated.  

Professional Partner

In the Association for the Promotion of Swiss Fashion and Textile Designers, Rieter found a professional partner.

With the Fashion Hall, opened on 1 January 2007, the Association offers the expertise and infrastructure to implement collections. It was thanks to the Head of the Association, Nicole Schnetzer, who is also Manager and Creative Director of the Walk of Fashion, that the designer for the project was found. Irene Schütz, winner of the Walk of Fashion 2006, created the entire collection based on Rieter’s corporate design that was introduced already in 2006.

The basic idea is the point or dot, as symbol for the performance standards set by Rieter, that run as creative guidelines through the entire collection. The color scheme of the collection includes the colors of the new corporate design and sets accents in light green, light blue, grey-green and plays with basic colours in light grey, beige, black and white.  

At the Beginning is the Yarn

All fabrics for the collection originated from the Rieter yarns COM4®, ComfoRo® and Rotona® and were obtained from customer collections. They have special properties which have been taken into consideration when developing the models. The creative process and the mutual learning from specialists for the yarn production, collection design, garment technicians, seamstresses and fashion enthusiasts was an exciting, instructive and fruitful cooperation.  

Compact Yarns COM4®

COM4®, the compact spinning technique, produces especially smooth yarns with low hairiness. At the same time, additional drive systems on the machines enable spinning of flame yarns, multi-count and multi-twist yarns, as well as elastic core yarns.  


ComfoRo® is a rotor yarn of very high quality which can consequently also be relatively finely spun. Touch and appearance are surprisingly in the limelight.  


Rotona is an elastic rotor yarn, a unique innovation on the yarn market for comfortable leisure clothing.  

Rieter Customers as Partners

Without the competent implementation of the yarns in fashionable and functional fabrics, this project would not have been possible. The following customers supported Rieter with expertise and products:    

  • Brennet AG, Germany
  • Cia Industrial Cataguases, Brazil
  • Hausammann + Moos AG, Switzerland
  • Lenzing AG, Austria
  • Malwa Industries Ltd, India
  • Schellenberg Textildruck AG, Switzerland
  • Slezan Frydek-Mistek a s, Czech Republic
  • Spoerry & Co AG Baumwollspinnerei, Switzerland
  • Topkapi Iplik Sanayi ve Ticaret AS, Turkey  

The Collection on the Catwalk

The models made their appearance at the International Textile Machine Exhibition ITMA 2007 in Munich. Models distributed fabric samples of their garments. The products with a detailed explanation and comprehensive advice could be handled on the booth. The collection was publicly presented in its entirety at a customer day. The choreography originated from Nicole Schnetzer who also directed the realization of the fashion show. The themes covered were street wear, high tech, young and elegant.

Review and Outlook

This project was a unique cooperation between a manufacturer of spinning machines along the entire textile value added chain up to presentation of the fashion created. A project in which all those involved could learn from each other, about spinning, weaving, down-processing, designing, tailoring and presenting, project management and budget control. Proof that Switzerland is a creative space for fashion and textile design and competence center for the textile industry.

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