10/10/2008 - Rieter Nonwovens Systems at ITME 2008

Rieter Nonwovens Systems will present the latest innovations in the nonwovens industry on Booth No. A104, in Hall 2 together with NSC nonwoven....

The first complete spunlace line installed in India by Rieter

Spunlace offerings from Rieter

With more than 150 spunlace lines installed globally, Rieter is recognized as the unrivalled world leader in spunlace technology. Thanks to its experience, Rieter has developed several JETlace® machines designed to meet nonwovens producers' needs.  

JETlace® 3000, custom-designed for hydroentanglement

Today, Rieter offers the spunlace market solutions for producing hydroentanglement fabrics from 30 to 500 gsm with capacities of up to 25 000 tons per year. This machine enables procucers to entangle all kind of fibers and also spunlaid filaments.  

JETlace® Essentiel dedicated to wipes production

With the recent market introduction of JETlace® Essentiel, Rieter offers the perfect machine design for the production of wipes. JETlace® Essentiel  is ideally configured for lightweight fabrics from 30 to 80gsm and with capacities of up to 15 000 tons per year. This new development enables nonwovens producers to take advantage of more than twenty-five years of expertise in the spunlace field, to strengthen their competitive position. The equipment features of JETlace® Essentiel are defined and optimized in order to reduce maintenance and operating costs.  

JETlace® Avantage design for emerging markets

In responce to market needs, Rieter launched the JETlace® Avantage machine, which is able to produce 5 000 tons of nonwovens fabrics per year in weights from 30 to 120gsm at a competitive price. This machine is based on European design and is the perfect tool for emerging countries to start spunlace nonwovens production.  

System supply in cooperation with NSC nonwoven

In 2005, Rieter and NSC signed a co-operation agreement in order to offer unique benefits to the nonwovens industry. Today, through this collaboration, Rieter and NSC nonwoven have already supplied several complete spunlace lines as systems supplier. The producers benefit from the unique global know-how in nonwovens of a team of experts in engineering and processes.  

Innovations in spunmelt through the spunjet process

Rieter's expertise in the spunlace industry, combined with the unique uniformity of the PERFObond™ spunlaid web, provides a new nonwovens process called spunjet, which offers a new generation of fabrics with bulkiness, softness, drape, tensile strength and istropic MD/CD ratio. This new technology has been introduced as a response to  nonwovens producers who are looking for new market opportunities for technical applications such as geotextiles, roofing, synthetic leather....  

The Rieter Group

The Rieter Group operates internationally, developing and producing sophisticated systems for the textile and automotive industries. In the 2007 fiscal year Rieter generated sales of CHF 3 930 million with some 15 500 employees worldwide. The Textile Systems Division accounted for CHF 1 567 million and the Automotive Systems Division for CHF 2 363 million of these total sales.

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