06/28/2010 - Rieter pleased by a successful ITMA Asia + CITME 2010

After six days at ITMA 2010, Rieter sees positive results from its participation. In addition to the system suppliers’s presentation, the new ring spinning machine was a special highlight for the many interested customers and visitors to the Rieter stand. Visits by high ranking officials and politicians paid tribute to the efforts of Rieter to further expand with innovation, quality and technology its position in China. Moreover, Rieter gratefully accepted orders made by customers as expression of their appreciation for Rieter.

Rieter crew

High ranking visitors on the ITMA booth are greeted by Mr. Reto Thom (left), Head Sales Spun Yarn Systems: Embassador of Switzerland in China Mr. Blaise Godet (middle), Secretary of the Swiss Textile Machinery Association Mr. Dr. Lukas Sigrist (right).

From left to right: Mr. Du Yuzhou, President China National Garment Association (CNGA), Mr. Gao Yong, Chairman of China Textile Machinery Association (CTMA), Mr. Reto Thom, Head Sales Spun Yarn Systems, Mr. Peter Gnägi, Divisional Chief Executive Textile Systems

The system supplier reduces complexity

Rieter exhibited a new ring spinning machine: the G 32, specially developed for Asian markets. It is uncomplicated, low-maintenance and produces high quality yarns. Its automatic doffer is a response to the needs of China where spinning mills are finding it increasingly difficult to find personnel. As with many other parts of the new machine that are responsible for the level of quality, the doffer has the same construction as the successful ring spinning machine, G 35.

High ranking visitors

Rieter was extremely pleased about the visit of the official Chinese delegation under the leadership of Minister Du Yuzhou, the visit of the board of directors of Rieter Holding, and the Swiss ambassador to China, Blaise Godet. Rieter invests a considerable amount of money in research and development. This commitment makes it possible to manufacture innovative products and also to adapt them to the markets. It applies to China as well as to Switzerland, whose standards Rieter represents globally. These standards are also reflected in the campaign  FACTOR+ by the Swiss textile machinery association, which enjoys Rieter’s active support. The campaign communicates the benefits which customers can expect from Swiss textile machinery manufacturers in general, and Rieter in particular: innovation, technology, quality, longevity and a high degree of service.

Orders from a lively market

Efforts to achieve high customer and market orientation are rewarded. At the exhibition, new projects were discussed and deals were made with customers from around the world. Interest in the new products was high, but there was also much interest for the integrated installations. Rieter’s ability to reduce complexity for customers by providing comprehensive solutions is appreciated very highly. Rieter provides a wealth of information about the technology, from the fibre to the finished piece of clothing, as well as comparisons between the different spinning processes. This helps customers make up their minds where to invest. And the in-depth knowledge base of spinning technology which Rieter provides as books and also for free in the Internet, for the sake of training the textile professionals of the future, is a source of great appreciation.

Success due to quality

Rieter’s quality products and services are valued highly by yarn manufacturers the world over. Participation at ITMA Asia + CITME 2010 was a great success for Rieter. It was made possible by the customers from around the world who visited Rieter at its stand in Shanghai. Rieter thanks them expressly for this.


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 Rieter Crew
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 Visit of Mr. Blaise Godet and Mr. Dr. Lukas Sigrist
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 Visit of Mr. Du Yuzhou, President CNGA
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 Board of Directors
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 G 32 Ring Spinning Machine on the Rieter Booth
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 E 66 Comber on the Rieter Booth
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