11/04/2006 - Rieter - Rotor spinning technology development leader

Continuous further development of the rotor spinning machine R 40 is contributing to its unique and outstanding position in the market. The latest success is the very long rotor spinning machine R 40 including reduced energy consumption and many other customer benefits. Meanwhile even a machine with 440 positions is in test. This continuous development of the rotor spinning technology is for the benefit of the customers of the newest generation of rotor spinning machines from Rieter.

Table - R 40 - Continuous improvements for energy saving

Graphic - R 40 - Continuous improvements for energy saving

Being a relatively young spinning technology, rotor spinning seems to be far from reaching its full potential. As a result, newer machine generations offer significant advantages over former generations, so that after 8-12 years at the latest, the gap with regard to the newest generation may offer compelling reasons to replace older rotor spinning machines. When spinning mills are planning investments, they  consider the attractiveness of second hand machinery offered in seemingly good condition at a favorable  price. Yet additional spare parts requirements and the older state of spinning technology and economy of use easily erode the superficial advantage of lower initial investment cost. Recently a mill manager in Pakistan calculated that after 3 years his used machine (a machine of the previous generation) already cost him as much as investing in a brand new machine. An actual calculation of a Ne10 Denim yarn, illustrates the mayor economy in rotor spinning. The calculation for a period of only 10 years between the R 1 and the latest version of the rotor spinning machine R 40, is showing a significant evolution:    

  • productivity increase by 45%;
  • lower energy consumption per kg of yarn of 37%.  

This speed of development of the Rieter rotor spinning machines is the result of leveraging research work in spinning technology and mechanical engineering.

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