11/08/2004 - Rieter – Your Systems Supplier at ITME 2004

Due to the importance and growing business opportunities of the textile industry in India, Rieter will take part in Indian Textile Machinery Exhibition (ITME) 2004, which is an influential and international textile machinery exhibition in Mumbai, India.

Rieter will exhibit in hall 1 on booth number D 6 a series of machine models dedicated to the Indian textile industry for the production of short staple yarn, textile and technical filaments. Rieter maintains a large sales and service network in India and offers a wide range of services for customer support. As a systems supplier, Rieter is the global market leader for textile machinery, based on the fact that Rieter offers beside innovative products a complete range of services for a quick return of investment.

Suessen Asia Private Ltd., appointed agent for Rieter’s BT rotor spinning machines, will exhibit their latest EliTe®Compact spinning machine in hall 1 on booth number C 3.

Exhibits and new Products

By means of  models and multimedia tools visitors can get the latest news about

  • Card C 60 with integrated RSB or SB draw frame module
  • Interactive computer aided training system CATS for draw frame RSB-D 35 
  • ComforSpin® machine K 44 
  • Mill Monitoring System SPIDERweb and the new Individual Spindle Monitoring System (ISM)
  • Fully automated rotor spinning machine R 40
  • New semi-automatic rotor spinning machine BT 923 with a complete new spin box C 120
  • Rotor spinning machine BT 904 for rotor core yarn ROTONA®
  • Cabling and twisting machine CD/DT 360
  • Parts and conversionsParts and conversions for a large number of products
  • MINI – CONTEXXOR®, the new laboratory steamer from Xorella   

Rieter Group

Rieter Group operates internationally, developing and producing sophisticated systems for the textile and automotive industries. In fiscal 2003 Rieter generated sales of CHF 3'118 million with 13'316 employees worldwide. The Textile Systems Division accounted for CHF 1'228 million and the Automotive Systems Division for CHF 1'876 million of this total sales.  

Rieter Textile Systems

Four business units of Rieter Textile Systems use their innovative know-how to target specific customer segments and their particular needs in supplying complete systems to the following industry sectors:    

  • Rieter Spun Yarn Systems for the short staple yarn spinning industry
  • Rieter Filament Yarn Technologies for the synthetic yarn spinning industry
  • Rieter Perfojet and Rieter Automatik for systems supply for the nonwovens and plastic industry
  • Rieter Technology Parts and Conversions for global supply of high quality parts, components and conversions under additional brands via separate sales channels.  

Rieter India Private Ltd.

The Indian market is a vast expanse of resources and opportunities and one of Rieter’s key markets. The Indian customer has always been important ever since the first Rieter machines were installed in India more than 100 years ago. Rieter India Pvt. Ltd. was set up in 1995 as a subsidiary to strengthen the sales and service infrastructure of Rieter within the Indian market. This set up not only brings Rieter and its customers closer to each other, but also opens up lucrative opportunities for mutual development. A team of around 50 dedicated and focused employees in Rieter India is currently positioned at four offices to serve Indian customers. With the Corporate Office in New Delhi, sales and service support is extended from Mumbai, Coimbatore, New Delhi and Chandigarh. Rieter India Pvt. Ltd. is the assigned agent for Xorella  in India.  

Customer services in India

Rieter offers an extensive range of services not only during the installation of spinning machines, but over the entire life cycle of machines. The name Rieter is a guarantee for the excellence of products, work and spare parts. It is Rieter’s continuous endeavour to provide timely and professional service support to its customers in India. The ELO Service Centre at Coimbatore offers high quality industrial and electronics repair services. Working with state-of-the-art tools in a quality conscious environment, the service experts undertake OEM workmanship and component level repairs. A wide range of test equipment and software tailored for individual product requirements are utilised to perform repairs efficiently. Components and parts are thoroughly diagnosed and tested under simulated conditions. Preventive upgrades have also been developed to prolong the life of identified subunits. The Rieter service portfolio also includes a wide range of mechanical maintenance services such as annual audits, trouble shooting assignments and customized training programmes. Technology support and management support for new investments round off these services for Rieter installations.  

Rieter Spun Yarn Systems

The success of Rieter Spun Yarn Systems in the Indian market is based on the competence in offering full scale system solutions for ComforSpin®-, ring- and rotor spinning out of one hand, innovative products and top service and technology support. Recent examples of product innovations are: the new Rieter C 60 card with integrated SB or RSB draw frame module, the RSB-D 35 drawframe, the new combing machine E 65 / E 75 the ComforSpin® machine K 44 with the new Individual Spindle Monitoring System (ISM), the fully automated rotor spinning machine R 40. The Rieter Rotor System, the combination of C 60 card with integrated draw frame module and R 40, distinctively exemplifies the advantages of a system supplier. Thanks to the technology know-how of Rieter, this system offers interesting options to shorten the spinning process, depending on the desired quality and application of the rotor yarn.  

Innovations of Spun Yarn Systems on show at ITME 2004

Card C 60

The high-performance C 60 card  with a new geometry in the carding area is one of the most vital steps towards a successful and efficient spinning mill. With a working width of 1.5 m the production rate is increased by around 50%, whilst maintaining or even improving sliver quality. The C 60 revolutionises the ratio between production output and energy and space requirements. It is available in the conventional form with coiler (CBA), with integrated unlevelled drawframe (SB module) or as levelled version for the OE direct process application (RSB module).  

Drawframe RSB-D 35

The Rieter drawframe RSB-D 35 is the worldwide market leader in autoleveller drawframes and significantly improves the quality standard of a spinning mill with minimum capital costs. The quality and the considerably improved running conditions in downstream processing result in shortest return on investment. The interactive computer aided training system CATS supports the customer in training their operators to achieve best results with Rieter drawframes.  

Comber E 65 / E 75

With the new combers E 65 / E 75 Rieter has extended its lead in combing regarding productivity as well as quality. With real production rates of 450 nips per minute up to 68 kg/h can be produced with the combing model E 75, 66 kg/h with the E 65. With a redesigned drafting unit the yarn quality results – especially CV values - have been further improved. Up to 3% raw material savings can be achieved compared to other combers. The unique mill proven combing automation ROBOlap and SERVOlap is also available for E 75. On display at ITME there will be outstanding combing technology parts, which mainly influence the low noil percentage of Rieter combing machines.  

ComforSpin® machine K 44

With its ComforSpin® process, which has been in use worldwide for more than 6 years, Rieter is a technological pioneer and undisputed market leader in the field of compact spinning. Several hundred units of the second generation of ComforSpin® machines are already in operation. The flexibility of the ComforSpin® machine K 44 is manifested not only in the COM4® yarn count but also in processing various types of fibres and their blends, and in speciality yarns. Various engineering parts, each of which has been finely adapted for its intended purpose (suction inserts with various forms of slots, perforated drums with smooth or fluted surfaces and adapted air guide elements), guarantee optimal compacting conditions. Moreover, the 100% fibre control in the compacting zone of the K 44 allows accurate introduction of an elastic or hard filament core for core yarns. The K 44 is now available with 1'200 spindles. Thus it is the longest compact spinning machine on the market. Furthermore K 44 is offered with FLEXIstart - the stepwise machine start-up and stop.  

Individual Spindle Monitoring / SPIDERweb

The new Individual Spindle Monitoring (ISM) helps to achieve higher yarn quality on ring spinning machines, because slipper spindles are signalled and ring-spun yarns of insufficient twist can be systematically sorted out. Accurate evaluation of the end-break frequency for each spindle brings problem spindles to light and so leads to rapid elimination of errors and thus to improved yarn quality. SPIDERweb is Rieter's information and data-collection system. It has been designed specifically for all Rieter machines from carding to ring- and rotor spinning. ISM combined with SPIDERweb offers detailed reports for optimising the maintenance and speed setting of the ring spinning machines.  

Fully automated rotor spinning machine R 40

The high productivity of Rieter's R 40 fully automated rotor spinning machine offers best yarn quality with the latest SC-R spinning box. The optimized spinning geometry allows lowest yarn twist, highest spinning stability and maximum productivity. Best machine efficiency is guaranteed by up to 4 robots. The advanced AERObotic technology stands for reliability and very short cycle times for piecing and package changes. The R 40 has an extremely high productivity potential with up to 360 rotors, a rotor speed of up to 150’000 rpm and a delivery speed of up to 310 m/min.  

The economical Rieter Basetex line

The focus of the Rieter BT product line is to offer reliable, economical semiautomatic or manual solutions for achieving highest quality in spinning. In conjunction with low wages the exceptional price-performance ratio of Rieter BT machines is leading to shortest Return-of-Investment times and economical yarn production.  

Rotor spinning machine BT 904 for Rotona® rotor core yarn

The newest yarn innovation of Rieter is a new type of elastic rotor core yarn named Rotona® . A model of the rotor spinning machine BT 904  for the production of Rotona® will be shown. Rotona® yarns can be spun in the range of Ne 5–30 in combination with elastic counts from 22-156 dtex. They offer numerous benefits in down-stream processing due to the bobbin size of up to 4 kg. The yarn structure with untwisted core leads to maximum elasticity and recovery in the fabric. The production capacity is up to 7 times higher compared to ring core yarn production and provide for a fast return on investment. The flexibility of the machine is increased with two independent side drives and the possibility to produce elastic Rotona® slub yarns.  

New semi-automatic rotor spinning machine BT 923

On display is a model of the new semi-automatic rotor spinning machine BT 923  with the new spin box C 120 and up to 320 spinning units. The newly designed C 120 spin box with a pitch of 230 mm has an airflow-system for rotors without holes. The new box design provides improved spinning stability and top yarn quality values with speeds up to 110’000 rpm. Top piecing quality is guaranteed with the semiautomatic AMIspin® piecing system and Qtop®, which removes damaged fibres before piecing. The operating height is lowered and results in ergonomic and easy handling. The flexibility of the machine is increased with two independent side drives and two conveyor belts.  

Rieter Filament Yarn Technologies

Rieter Filament Yarn Technologies is a leading provider of extrusion systems, twisting, cabling, covering, assembling, air texturing and false-twist texturing machines for the production and processing of BCF-filaments, industrial-filaments, tire cord, textile-filaments and glass-filaments. Due to a wide product range, Rieter can offer integrated production centres, tailored to fit each single customer's needs. Vast experience, top quality and reliable customer support, all add up to place Rieter’s technology consistently one step ahead. The underlying foundation of a competitive production is built by innovative and reliable machines and systems. Rieter has therefore further developed the well-established extrusion process and offers a complete system for tire cord and industrial filaments with improved spinning components. Two additional key-components of this extrusion system are the new draw roll RIEVAP HTS with an extended working range, which ensures a reliable high-speed process and the well-known winder RIEMAT CD 300. The extrusion system is characterized by high production flexibility due to the choice between a 2 or 4-ends process. Furthermore Rieter's tire cord cabling machine CP 10, sets a benchmark in yarn quality, machine performance and quality follow-up to the downstream process. In addition Rieter follows the trend of an increasing market for artificial grass and adapts the machine features of the well established two for one twister DT 660R according to these requirements. For carpet yarn applications Rieter has further developed the twisting and cabling machines and introduces now a new generation - the CD/DT/CDDT 10. In the field of textile filaments Rieter can present the new false twist texturing machine family GOAL 1210:    

  • GOAL 1210 Flex for all polymers and products
  • GOAL 1210 Fine specially designed for PA up to 100 den  
  • GOAL 1210 Micro for PES microfilaments and 40 – 140 den PA.

The fine count twisting machine DT 362 HP sets new standards in terms of economics and yarn quality, with higher take-up speed, improved drive and gear system, reduced installed power, a new yarn detector system and an extended titre range.  

A global network of Rieter parts and service platforms guarantee the delivery of the correct service at the correct time. Training at customer's mill or at Rieter's training centres ensures optimal adjustments of the production parameters, well-organized maintenance services and efficient troubleshooting. Rieter's technical centres conduct tests to help to specify the optimal raw material. This leads to a better cost effectiveness due to lower failure rates. The technological systems ensure that all textile-technical processes run smoothly.  

Innovations of Filament Yarn Technologies on show at ITME 2004

Thanks to many years of experience in project management, Rieter Filament Yarn Technologies can support the engineering of production centres with technical and technological solutions adapted to every need.  

Twisting machine DT 360

The DT 360 (DTE 140 / DTS170) is a polyvalent two-for-one twister with declutchable spindles driven by tangential belt and offers an individual biconical take-up with automatic transfer tailing system. The DT 360 even allows the winding of straight edge soft packages for dyeing. Two types of spindles are available:    

  • DTE 140: for pirns or cylindrical packages up to 3 kg with 135 mm maximum diameter
  • DTS 170: for pirns up to 3.8 kg or cylindrical packages up to 2 kg with 160 mm maximum diameter  

The DT 360 (DTM 235 / DTM 260) is also available for flat or textured yarn from large dimension supply packages. Especially developed for low twist range, this machine allows a take-up traverse of up to 250 mm and a linear speed of up to 200 m/min. Two types of spindles are available:

  • DTM 235: for a package diameter up to 220 mm.
  • DTM 260: for a package diameter up to 250 mm.  

Direct cabling machine CD 360

The direct cabling machine CD 360 is an economic alternative to the conventional two ply process. The cabled yarn is used as embroidery yarn, lacing yarn, label yarn and macramé yarn. The features of the CD 360 are:    

  • Low yarn breaks, because ceramic guides are used throughout the yarn path to avoid high yarn tension -
  • Reduced yarn contamination due to the automatic spindle declutching and the automatic bobbin lifter in case of yarn break
  • Perfect off-winding performance
  • No waste due to the individual biconical bobbin construction
  • Extended belt lifetime due to the protected belt from the contaminants
  • Maintenance free spindle    
  • Operator safety due to reduced noise emissions and covered rotating parts  

Rieter Systems for the nonwoven industry

Today, Rieter Perfojet is recognized as a Systems Supplier, and offers complete solutions for nonwoven lines. With more than 125 spunlace lines successfully running, Rieter confirms its position as the world leader in spunlace machinery. Rieter has introduced its Perfobond 3000 machine to produce spunbond fabrics from Polypropylene and Polyester raw materials. This new development is offering unique innovations with high output, superior web forming, and is available on full scale in its technical center in Montbonnot, France, since mid 2004. The last development launched by Rieter, SPUNjet, enables the creation of revolutionary nonwovens fabrics with totally new and higher characteristics (softness, drape, strength, MD/CD ratios). The SPUNjet technology combines spunlaid and direct hydroentanglement of filaments. Rieter is the only supplier offering such level of innovation and performance between the two fastest growing processes in the nonwoven industry: spunbond and spunlace. Thanks to this development, Rieter is opening new markets for diapers, softer coverstocks or textile backsheets, for filtration, wiping or geotextile with enhanced strength characteristics. Top worldwide producers have already invested their trust in Rieter and commissioned SPUNjet to benefit of the full synergy of such systems, cheap raw materials and superior nonwovens. Rieter has also launched a new meltblown system EMBLO®. Through an innovative design, this new development enables the user to produce meltblown nonwovens with optimal web properties for hygiene, filtration and absorber applications. EMBLO® can be integrated into Rieter Perfojet spunbond lines for SMS / SMMS configuration lines. The EMBLO® system is available for trial use at Rieter Automatik's technical centre, located in Grossostheim, Germany.  

Rieter Systems for pelletzing

Rieter Automatik supplies globally pelletizing systems for virgin polymers, production of compounds, blends and master batches, recycling of plastics from internal or external sources and pelletizing of low viscosity liquids. Rieter offers four different technologies and is therefore recognized as the leader in pelletizing systems. For cleaning of machine components and tools (like spinnerets, film extrusion heads and similar equipment) from polymer residues, Rieter Automatik offers the SOLVO vacuum pyrolysis cleaning systems. Rieter Automatik´s modern technical center in Germany for tests with customer´s materials and for development of new systems and processes serves as important basis for Rieter´s worldwide success in the market of plastics production.


Rieter India Pvt. Ltd. is the assigned agent for Xorella  in India. Xorella, the Swiss founded company with main bases in Hong Kong and Switzerland, which invented and applied the principle of saturated steam conditioning in textiles, has already achieved a high level of acceptance for its CONTEXXOR® process worldwide. The Xorella system is considered to be among the most effective and consistent yarn conditioning and steaming system in the market. Xorella’s team of specialists focuses on constant improvements of their products. The endeavours are directed towards the creation of new ideas in the field of “vacuum steam conditioning” for the most diverse range of textile applications. On show will be the MINI–CONTEXXOR®, which is a laboratory unit for steaming, used for development and research purposes of large mills, laboratories, textile universities and textile colleges. It allows to test new applications and yarns on an identical small unit, rather than to interrupt the normal operating routine of main steamers.  

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