11/19/2009 - Robot modernization for R 20 Rotor spinning machine

The robots are subject to severe stress due to the rapid succession of piecing and package changing cycles. After years of severe stress, many robots have reached the limits of acceptable reliability. Rieter is therefore offering an upgrade package for raising the technical status of the robots to those in new condition. New technologies also boost the performance of the robot.

General overhaul and upgrade of the robot

The scope of delivery of the upgrade package includes all improvements incorporated in volume production, together with new developments from Rieter. Rieter also offers a 6-month warranty on the complete robot. Fitting is carried out expertly and professionally by Rieter technicians at the production site in Ingolstadt.

The mechanical components of the robot are completely dismantled. Each single part is inspected with regard to operability and condition, and replaced by a new part if necessary. Electronic and mechanical pre-setting of the robot on a rotor spinning test machine facilitates subsequent fitting on the customer’s premises. A continuous 48-hour test must now demonstrate that all parts function as required. Only then is the robot allowed to leave the Rieter assembly premises after its general overhaul.

The upgrade includes the following services:

  • Replacement of all wearing parts
  • Installation of new components
  • Inspection of all electronic subassemblies
  • Adjustment of all mechanical components
  • 48-hour fatigue test under production conditions
  • Re-painting

The upgrade can be carried out in two ways:

  1. By replacement with a robot which has previously undergone a general overhaul by Rieter. This ensures a rapid, problem-free procedure. The downtime of the rotor spinning machine is also reduced to a minimum. After installation of the reconditioned robots at the mill, the „old“ ones have to be send back to Rieter.
  2. The customer wishes to have his own robot overhauled by Rieter. In this case the procedure lasts much longer.

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