12/03/2010 - RSB-D 45 and SB-D 45 Draw Frame – Advancement in Quality and Flexibility

Excellent scanning precision and autoleveling dynamics result in outstanding sliver regularity – from the first to the last meter. Delivery speed is quickly altered at batch change at the push of a button on the machine display. The maximal delivery speed is 1 100 m/min. The new and unique CLEANtube function ensures clean sliver coiling when processing cotton. A simple change of the sliver distance in the can makes the draw frame even more flexible.

Further enhanced quality and flexibility with the new RSB-D 45 draw frame

New functions for higher economy and better quality

The new functions of the RSB-D 45 and SB-D 45 draw frames offer customers the certainty of achieving an even higher quality of draw frame sliver and the ability to quickly and flexibly react to market requirements.

Flexibility by frequency-controlled main drive

Spinning plants must increasingly react at short notice to the delivery wishes of their customers. When changing material on the draw frame, it has previously been necessary to exchange the drive discs when altering the delivery speed. With the RSB-D 45 and SB-D 45 (without autoleveling), alteration of the delivery speed via the frequency-controlled main drive is easily made at the push of a button on the machine display.

CLEANtube for sliver without trash and short-fiber accumulation

CLEANtube is intelligent control of the rotational plate that prevents buildup of cotton trash particles and short fibers in the sliver channel which fall onto the coiled sliver at a machine stop. Per year and draw frame, CLEANtube saves up to 300 working hours made necessary for manual removal of these trash accumulations. Frequently, a half or a whole sliver layer is removed in the process and up to 20 m sliver per can removed. This corresponds to a sliver waste of up to 0.6 % that can be saved thanks to CLEANtube. CLEANtube avoids up to 200 000 faulty places per year and draw frame and thereby maintains the production advantages in downstream processing as well as the yarn quality at a high level.

Flexible and quick to set – the sliver distance in the can

With the new draw frames, the change gear for setting the sliver distance in the can is ergonomically positioned in the area of the rotational plate drive. This simplifies the easy and quick change of the can rotation and consequently the sliver distance in the can. An optimal can filling quantity as well as faultless draw-off of the sliver in downstream processing is thereby guaranteed. The reduced number of belts in the new gear layout is a clear advantage of the RSB-D 45 and SB-D 45 draw frames.

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 RSB-D 45 Draw Frame
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