09/19/2004 - SPUNjet 3000 - Spunlacing of Calendered fabric

SPUNjet is the marriage of Spunbond and Spunlace technologies.

Rieter Perfojet is the only manufacturer who designs and manufacturers both Spunlace and Spunbond machines. This ability to integrate both batt forming (Spunlaid) and bonding (Spunlacing) enables the creation of new fabrics which exhibit textile characteristics previously unobtainable from a single source. The Rieter Perfojet showroom has the ability to create fabrics from these combined technologies, as a Spunlace module is integrated in the Spunbond line.

Spunlaced Spunbond fabrics

One possibility is to hydro-entangle a fully calendered spunbond Nonwovens. The textile hand (softness) is greatly improved when comparing a Spunlaced Spunbond fabric to a calendered Spunbond fabric. The reason comes from two areas, the first being that calendering bonds by plasticising the fiber intersections, thus increasing the stiffness of the calendered fabric. A second reason for calendered fabric’s stiffness is the densification of the web, as the loft is destroyed during the fusing – bonding process.

The Spunlacing of Spunbond fabrics does not fuse fibers, thus does not stiffen the fabric as it bonds the individual filaments, and the loft generated by the Spunlace process helps to improve the hand of the fabrics as compared to a calendered fabric of the same weight.

Main advantages    

  • Production of innovative Nonwovens
  • Better softness
  • Raw material cost reduction
  • Added product value  


  • Hygiene
  • Dry wipes
  • Household
  • Technical Nonwovens
  • Filtration

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