12/14/2012 - Successful ITME 2012

From 2 – 7 December 2012, the ITME 2012 in Mumbai was meeting point for the Indian textile industry and was well attended. The name Rieter is guarantee for innovation in the textile industry. The Rieter booth was the crowd-puller of the exhibition and numerous visitors showed detailed interest in the J 20 air-jet spinning machine, the E 80 comber and the SB-D 22 double-head draw frame.

The stars of the exhibition: Left the J 20 air-jet spinning machine, right front the E 80 comber.

Lively interest in the end products from the 4 Com4®yarns – the Rieter technologists in action.

Customers are interested in preventive electronic service by Rieter

The enormous interest of the Indian yarn manufacturers in new technologies and production processes clearly illustrates that the Indian textile industry is strongly innovation-driven. The high number of visitors to the ITME 2012 and in particular to the Rieter booth is an indication of the customers’ confidence in the growth of the Indian textile industry. Numerous visitors from the surrounding countries confirm the attractiveness of the ITME 2012.

„The Comfort of Competence“ lives

For more than 217 years, Rieter has been dedicated to „The Comfort of Competence“. Continuous customer-oriented development of technologies and product innovations is a significant component of its enduring market success. The personalized customer care provided by the staff on the Rieter exhibition booth was highly appreciated by the customers. Counseling not only covers the latest machines and technologies; the advantages of the four different spinning processes – ring spinning, compact spinning, rotor spinning and air-jet spinning – are also clearly and comprehensibly presented with models and four different Com4® yarns.

On the exhibition booth, customers could experience „The Comfort of Competence“ live and sit back in the comfortable armchair, known from the advertisement, relax and have their photograph taken with the charming Com4® yarn ambassadors. The photos can be seen on the website http://www.rieter.com/de/spun-yarn-systems or with the QRcode.

J 20 Air-jet Spinning Machine – Unique Yarn Quality and Productivity

The focus of interest on the booth was the J 20 air-jet spinning machine which was presented for the first time in India. The machine demonstrated its high performance and flexibility by processing two different materials on both sides. The Com4®jet yarn with Ne 30/1 from 52 % PES/ 48 % combed cotton was produced at an impressive speed of 400 m/min. The 100 % combed cotton yarn in yarn count Ne 40 was produced with 380 m/min. „How is the yarn created in the air-jet spinning machine? How can the yarn properties be influenced? What materials can be processed? And how does an end product made of Com4®jet yarn feel compared to other yarn types?” These key issues raised by customers were answered directly at the machine by our technology specialists using animations and with the Com4® yarn and fabric samples.

In addition, the customers were able to form a direct impression of the excellent operational behavior and the extremely low fiber fly of the Com4®jet yarn on the booth of the Italian company, Santoni S.A. The Ne 50/1 combed cotton yarn spun on the J 20 by Hermann Bühler AG, Switzerland, was processed with 35 rotations per minute on the Santoni Atlas HS circular knitting machine (34” diameter, 28 mm gauge with open width, without sinkers, on full feeders with 33 dtex Lycra).

Rieter – the Innovative System Supplier

Rieter offers system solutions. One part of the system is the mill monitoring system SPIDERweb with which the production data of all Rieter machines are monitored at a glance and which can be used to improve quality. A well thought-out production system convinces by uniform production accessories and easy to plan logistic procedures. Only Rieter supplies all spinning preparation machines from the card through to the combers with cans of 1 000 mm diameter. The main advantage – in addition to the reduced transport requirements – lies in the higher yarn quality, based on the reduced number of sliver piecings.

At the exhibition, two brand new machines from this concept were presented live. The E 80 comber and the SB-D 22 double-head draw frame were combined in the Rieter combing set. That sets the benchmark in productivity and economy.

E 80 Comber – Combing Flexibility at highest Quality Level

Impressive on the new E 80 comber, in addition to the large can delivery, is the production performance of over 80 kg/h. Furthermore, it follows a new setting concept whereby the customer has the flexibility to operate the E 80 at a high production rate, high combing quality or low degree of combing as required.

Also in the new SB-D 22 double-head draw frame, all features that enable optimal yarn quality are integrated. The established drafting arrangement, effective extraction with lifting cleaning lips, the sliver coiling CLEANcoil combined with a can changer for 1 000 mm size cans have convinced numerous customers. In India, many draw frames of this model have already been sold.

Orginal Rieter Spare Parts and Retrofits

As a reliable partner, Rieter is able to provide the entire range of wear-and-tear, technology and standard parts. These original spare parts assist in ensuring not only optimal operational behavior but also smooth running and additional safety. For older machine generations, Rieter offers innovative retrofit packages to achieve power savings or to improve production safety.

Rieter – also the Leader in Electronic Service

Rieter India offers a special electronic service for Rieter machines. Preventive electronic maintenance serves to replace electronic components before an age-related fault occurs. As well as an extended life cycle of the electronic components and the machine, the costs for electricity in India are substantially lowered by reduced distortion feedbacks in the electricity grid and the production quality is improved.

On St. Nicholas Day, the Rieter Nicholas sweetened his visit to the Rieter booth with Swiss quality chocolate. On behalf of the Rieter booth team, warm thanks go to all visitors to the booth and to customers for their lively interest in Rieter products and innovations.

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The stars of the exhibition: Left the J 20 air-jet spinning machine, right front the E 80 comber.

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Scan the QRcode and see laughing faces in the “Comfort of Competence“ armchair.

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Lively interest in the end products from the 4 Com4®yarns – the Rieter technologists in action.

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Customers are interested in preventive electronic service by Rieter.

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Sweet customer service from Rieter at the exhibition on 6.12.2012 – St. Nicholas Day.

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Rieter is a leading supplier on the world market for textile machinery and components used in short staple fiber spinning. Based in Winterthur (Switzerland), the company develops and manufactures systems, machinery and technology components used to convert natural and manmade fibers and their blends into yarns. Rieter is the only supplier worldwide to cover spinning preparation processes as well as all four final spinning processes currently established on the market. With 19 manufacturing locations in 9 countries, the company employs a global workforce of some 4 700, about 28 % of whom are based in Switzerland. Rieter is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange under ticker symbol RIEN. (www.rieter.com)

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