12/02/2013 - Suction Tube ECOrized – Customer Reduces Energy Costs by 66'600 US Dollars

The theoretically calculated energy-saving potential resulting from use of the Rieter suction tube ECOrized on ring spinning machines proves itself in practice. The Rieter customer Baris in Turkey had 14 ring spinning machines equipped with the innovative suction tube and thus saves around 66'600 US Dollars in energy costs per year. The commentary of the customer can be seen as a video on the Rieter website.

Proof in practice – Baris, the Rieter customer demonstrates how it can make an annual saving of around 66'600 US Dollars annually, thanks to the Suction tube ECOrized.

The suction tube ECOrized reduces the suction power with ring spinning machines by up to 50 percent. A sustainable lowering of energy costs is the benefit that results.

Energy-saving potential – Calculation made by Mr. Mahmut Kilinç, Mill Manager at Baris, Turkey.

A substantial proportion of the costs with yarn production is generated by the energy consumption. Efficient use of energy therefore saves costs and is environmentally-friendly. With the suction tube ECOrized for the ring spinning machines G 32, G 33 G 35 and G 36, the suction power can be reduced by up to 50 percent. An effect that sustainably lowers energy costs in the spinning mill.


The possible energy saving calculated in theory with the use of the suction tube ECOrized has been proven in practice. Baris, a Turkish Rieter customer spinning yarns for its own spinning mill, saves up to 10 percent energy resp. 66 600 US Dollars annually with its 14 converted ring spinning machines.

The commentary of the Baris Mill Manager

The commentary from Baris published on the Rieter ECOrized-website (www.rieter.com/ecorized) verified the energy-saving potential. Mr. Mahmut Kilinç, Mill Manager at Baris, provides the figures showing how the use of the Suction tube ECOrized has proved worthwhile for the company. The video interview with Mr. Mahmut Kilinç is available under www.rieter.com/ecorized#c23741.


Energy efficiency and energy savings are today of increasingly paramount importance. This subject has been taken into consideration for many years by Rieter and led to the development of new, innovative products to lower electricity costs and to reduce environmental stress.

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